The Green Tea Manifesto

It is therefore a “needs to” for any person with well being and health in mind to integrate Eco-friendly Teas to his/her life designs.

1. One need to initially find out the best ways to ready Environment-friendly Tea, and utilize clear and pure water. The water needs to be in between 85 and 90 levels, never over 100 levels. The 2nd refill will taste also better then the initial.

2. One need to delight in the encounter of drinking Environment-friendly Tea with all the senses. One need to see the fallen leaves blossom, feel the warmth, pick up the scent, the one-of-a-kind fresh taste and most of all the short minute of internal peace.

3. To avoid illnesses including prevention of Cancer cells, one ought to drink a minimum of 4 cups of Environment-friendly tea a day.

4. Eco-friendly teas ought to not be intoxicated at night, it has high levels of caffeine. However its natural, unprocessed components are swiftly digested with minimal effects.

5. Teas were very first cultivated in China, so Chinese Eco-friendly Teas are still the best source of the item. It is a 5000 years of ages tradition and competence, creating the greatest leaves.

6. Stay away from all the substitutes and non-natural forms such as remove, pills, tea bags, or any tea mix that attempts to replace the original pure loosened teas, the initial kind. These replacements have much much less the all-natural and dietary elements of the original loose Green Tea, as attributes produced.

7. Environment-friendly Teas have definitely numerous wellness advantages (polyphenols, vitamins and antioxidants) beyond the wonderful taste already proven in research laboratories all across the world; from reducing weight, prevention of cancer cells to lower stress and cholesterol degrees. Nonetheless, one must comprehend that it is a safety net not a remedy.

8. To buy Eco-friendly Teas, one have to ensure the origination of the Teas, the moment when it was chosen, the more youthful the Tea Leaves the far better. Beverage it pure. Never ever include milk or sweets. Pureness is vital so avoid tea bags, or the ones that are industrialised or combined with aromatizes and elements that change its original type. Just, drink pure Eco-friendly Tea in the loosened form, straight from the mountains to your cup.

9. There are numerous kinds of Eco-friendly teas such as, Long Jing, Private eye Luo Chun, Mao Jian and White Teas with essentially the very same properties. The differences are essentially the region of manufacturing and forms of farming. One must attempt to various ones.

10. The lasting good impact of Environment-friendly Teas, are based on vital elements such as: Pureness, Origination and Correct Farming and Treatment … Remember this following time you get your Pure Green tea.

Li Feng Tea Master

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