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ZEDA Tea – Korean 100% Pure Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – Deep Flavor, USDA certified – 7 oz / 200 g – Product of Korea

Finest Premium Quality of ZEDA Organic Green Tea Powder / Matcha From “Soadawon” Organic tea plantation in Boseong Korea Our globally certified organic powdered green tea Matcha is grown in limited quantity and harvested only once a year. It has a vibrant green colour, smooth and mellow flavour, and full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It can be enjoyed as hot/cold by itself as tea, Alternatively it can be used as flavor for smoothies or cooking. It is perfect for everyday drinking. Organic Tea Plantation in Boseong Korea Our tea plantation (Soa Dawon) is on the southwest coast of the Korean Peninsula. The temperate climate of this region is ideal for green tea cultivation. The plantation is located at center in “Boseong” area of Korea and 350m high from the sea. The tea plantation has been authorized to supply green tea powder for Coca Cola Corp.,Korea in 2010. Also green teas from Boseong passed the strict quality inspection of the Russian Medical Biology Lab, and was officially recognized as a beverage suitable for an astronaut’s special diet. Description ● Organic Certification from USDA, EU, Japan, and Korea ● Taste: Deep Flavored, full-bodied, vegetably ● Natural Energy Boost: Full of antioxidants Difference between Korean and Japanese powdered green tea Korean powdered green tea has some notable differences than Japanese powdered green tea. Japanese powdered green tea is shade grown for a few weeks to months before it is picked. Korean powdered tea is usually shade grown on purpose but rather is naturally shaded such by mountains, bamboo, or ocean fog. This different process gives unique and distinct characteristics.