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Tea Infuser for Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Deluxe range of High Quality Stainless Steel ,Brew in Mug Strainer With Free Ebook buy yours now!

How to Make Drinking Tea More Delightful – Are you fed up of cheap dull in appearance rusting flimsy infusers for your precious leaves – Infuser too small so you don’t get much flavour and cloggs up – Had enough of bleached tea bags and unhealthy silicone infusers which leave a rubbery tasting mess. Introducing your very own K&S Artisan eco-freindly infuser Because quality matters – ● Constructed from High Grade stainless steel, this Infuser is designed to last and won’t rust. – ● UNLIKE COMPETITORS ours is a Improved design – ● COME HOME TO QUALITY feel the real sensation of loose tea leaves with a top quality product, impress your guests with the most beautifully designed infuser on the market to date, Taste the difference. – ● EFFORTLESS TO USE AND CLEAN, just rinse with soapy water. – ● PREMIUM PRODUCT WITH A VERY MODEST PRICE, – you’ll never go back to any other infuser K&S Artisan was initiated under fundamentals of establishing exceptionally high end quality products at a modest prices where qaulity is our golden rule.