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Wild Orange Wulong Oolong Tea

Be transported to the wild orange groves off the coast of South America in a cup of this bright citrusy and exotic floral blend. Brimming with a symphony of melodic succulent flavors including juicy oranges, soft marigolds, hibiscus and rose petals, this deliciously sweet green oolong tea ends with a lovely lyrical floral note. Wonderful, served hot or iced.

Grape Wulong Oolong Tea

Certain to inspire your imagination, bright blueberry gets a subtle grape forward burst of flavor in this vibrant oolong. This refreshing taste of spring is perfect hot or iced to balance your senses any time of the day.

Foojoy China Classic Min-nan Oolong (Wulong) Tea, 2g X 100 Teabags,

FOOJOY CHINA OOLONG TEA comes from southern Fujian’s mountains (Min-Nan), where clouds and mists produce Oolongs of exceptional character. In the manufacture of Oolong, tea leaves undergo partial oxidation, a step that changes the color to a golden amber and the flavor to a complex, invigorating cup. True to a classic Oolong, FOOJOY’s high-grown CHINA OOLONG TEA makes a smooth, rounded cup with a slightly toasty fragrance

Finest 100% Organic Wu-Yi Wulong Oolong Weight Reducing Tea Loose Bulk 1 Lb.

Island Teas takes great pride in bringing you these prized organic teas. As Seen on TV – Endorsed by Oprah and Rachel Ray! Wuyi/Wu yi Wulong or Wu Long tea is becoming one of the most popular teas designed to accelerate weight loss and it is delicious. Research shows drinking two cups of Wu-long every day not only helps shed stubborn pounds by boosting your metabolism, but also blocks the fattening effects of carbohydrates; promotes strong, healthy teeth; improves cognitive functioning and mental well-being; clarifies your skin, giving it a healthy, radiant glow and strengthens your immune system. Wulong Burns over 157% more fat than green tea: In a study published in the August 2003 edition of the Journal of Medical Investigation, scientists from Japan’s University of Tokushima School of Medicine found that people who drank two cups a day of Wulong experienced over 157% greater fat burning results than those who drank the same amount of green tea. Directions: Use 1 – 1 1/2 teaspoon to make one cup – steep in hot water for 3-4 minutes. Multiple infusions are possible doubling brewing volume. FDA# 080074804272

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tea shelf Image by andreakw I like tea and tea add-ons. Can you guess? Oolongs are typically fired into hot woks and …