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The Portland Press – All Natural and Organic French Press Mason Jar Coffee Maker – Made from: Wood, Wool, Glass, Steel – By Bucket in U.S.A.

Coffee making equipment for the home has come a long way in the last couple decades, but the typical French press is still made overseas, out of plastic and cheap glass that breaks easily and costs a lot to replace. The Portland Press is a French press for a Mason jar, made in and around Portland, Oregon. It’s a simple, clean, practical design made out of fundamental materials: glass, wool, steel, and wood. Most importantly, if the Mason jar does break, replacing it is as simple as pulling a new jar out of a box.

Beautifully crafted Tea Chest Cabinet, Solid Wood, with closure

This solid wood Tea Chest Cabinet would be a great way to present or server tea to your guests and customers. The surface has been repeatedly sand to achieve super fine and smoothness. Hinged door open from the front and flip backward. Brass metal handles on two side. Hinged cover top to keep dust away. No assembly required. Dimensions: 14″W X 8.25″W X 4″H Weight (net): 3.5 lbs (8 Compartments for different kinds of tea)

American Metalcraft SIGNIT2 Black Wood Iced Tea Tabletop Sign, 3 by 1-3/4-Inch

This black wood iced tea tabletop sign is perfect for condiment stations at tea shops, displays at buffets and for catering events so guests understand their beverage options. Made from triangular shaped wooden blocks painted black, this iced tea-specific sign features a sleek silver label with a clear, understandable font. This wooden sign are a great way to get a message across while staying uniform and to the point. Measures 3-inch length by 2-1/2-inch width by 1-3/4-inch height.