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Premium Tea Infuser Set – Best for Loose Leaf Tea – Includes Silicone Flower Infuser with Ceramic Flower Pot and Tea Mug with Built in Removable Coaster – Get Rid of Those Ugly Tea Bags!

Tired of drinking tea out of those boring tea bags or plain mesh tea infuser balls? Lighten up your life with this stylish and creative tea infuser set! You might love drinking tea or you might love the idea of adding such a healthy routine to your life. Whatever the reason, this tea infuser set is perfect for you! Thousands of studies have shown many benefits of drinking tea. From improving your immune system to reducing risks of cancer and helping with weight loss to improving mental alertness why not take advantage of those benefits while sipping in style? This infuser will surely be the motivation to drink tea regularly. Designed with you in mind, this tea infuser is easy to clean and safe to use! This infuser set is dishwasher safe and made from food grade silicone and ceramic. Start sipping your favorite tea in three easy steps! Step 1:Load your favorite loose leaf tea into the flower infuser Step 2: Steep the flower infuser in the tea mug included for the desired time. Step 3: Rest your flower infuser in the flower pot and enjoy the relaxing taste of tea! This infuser works best with medium size tea leaves as small tea remnants will sink to the bottom of your cup. However, that is the best part! Some people say you can read your fortune from the tea leaves leftover. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Rest assured, if you do not like this tea infuser simply return it for a full refund regardless if you have used it or not. When you place your order you will receive this premium tea infuser set in a custom gift box, perfect for giving as a gift, and you will be on your way to realizing the many benefits of drinking tea. Go ahead, click the “Add to Cart” button located on the top right side of this page and start sipping your tea in style