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Tam Chau “Origami” Oolong whole leaf tea

NOTE: Package graphics have changed in our most recent shipment, you may receive either image. We are showing both designs here. The product has not changed. This top-quality Oolong tea, similar to Formosa’s Oolong 18, begins as tightly-folded tea buds, each containing two or three leaves. When brewed, they unfold, origami-like, into charming flower-like shapes floating in a lovely amber-green cup. This lightly-fermented Oolong has a fresher, more delicate taste than most Oolongs, and will appeal both to lovers of Oolong and those who usually prefer classic green tea. Its flavor and aroma develop in your mouth to give three distinct experiences: the initial sip, then the mouth-filling flavor, and finally the lovely and persistent aftertaste. Grown in 200-year old Vietnamese secluded mountain retreat area popular for “tea retreats”. Our most popular oolong tea.