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Superfine Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe Oolong Loose Tea – 4oz / 105g

Big Red Robe (otherwise known as Da Hong Pao) is one of the famous 4 Wuyi bushes from Mount Wuyi in the Fujian province of China. It has been given the “King of all teas” during the Qing Dynasty. Da Hong Pao oolong tea is famous for its unique floral fragrance and specially Wuyi rock tea taste and fragrance. All Wuyi rock Oolong tea has its unique rock tea taste and fragrance, which the other Oolong teas do not possess the characteristics. The rock tea taste and fragrance can be described in the four aspects: aroma, cleanness, sweetness and animation. Though our this tea is from Ban Yan areas, This rare and flavorful long leaf has been oxidized for a sweet and aromatic treat.The first infusion creates a pleasant orange brew with a unique fruity, slightly smoky, sweet aroma. The taste is rich and smooth emitting a subtle fruity aftertaste. An aromatic, sweet flavor lingers on the tongue well after the last sip. The appearance of its tea leaves in dry leaf form onsists of dark, mostly erect tea leaves yielding a subtle fruity aroma and a hint of chocolate fragrance. It is a perfect choice for any new Wuyi oolong drinker.

Lishan Tea High Mountain Tea Superfine Oolong Tea Taiwan Oolong Tea High Mountain Tea 150g

Oolong Teas -Taiwan High Mountain the Highest Quality and the Best Taste Tea, the Climate and Geography of the Region are the Keys to Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea’s Exquisite Taste. Less Astringent with a Subtle Fruite Note, and Sweeter Than Other Type of Hand-Picked Oolong Tea. Taiwan’s Oolong Tea Benifits From Several Natural Factors. 150g /Bag . Gurranteed Made From The Youngest Tea Leaves . Direct From Taiwan High Mountain Tea Farmers’ Field. Not Sold in Store.The Only Place Here You Can Enjoy the Best High Mountain Teas.2012 NEW FALL SILVER AWARD HIGH MOUNTAIN TEAS

Best Coffee Grinder- Manual Burr Mill *Stainless Steel with Ceramic Millstone, Fully Adjustable Grind From Drip Course to Espresso Superfine *Design Your Perfect Brew- *High Quality and Elegant Design with Covered Top for Two Handed Milling

Bold Bean Architects presents a Revolutionary New Manual Coffee Mill! Our coffee mill is beautifully designed, easy to use, durable and fully adjustable. Tired of having your coffee beans fly out of your mill and create a mess? We have got you covered, no mess, Bold Bean Architects Coffee Mill has a clear covered top with a stainless steel door. No glass, so it will not break if dropped. This mill is ergonomically designed to be held in both hands for a more natural turning motion. Your favorite whole bean coffee is crushed to release every aromatic note. Our Solid Stainless Steel Design is a Beautiful Piece next to all your Coffee Accessories and looks great in your modern kitchen. We offer you the perfect control over your grind for your perfect cup of coffee. No K-cups for the landfill. Each cup of coffee can be freshly milled for the freshest tasting cup of coffee or grind enough for an entire pot, you build your perfect cup. Every aspect of our mill is designed for ease of use and beauty. The ceramic Millstone can be adjusted with a few twists and go from coarse to powder in seconds. Solid handle fits fully into palm for easy milling.