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Kombucha Green Tea, Raw and Organic, only 2 gm of sugar, Promotes Healthy Weight Loss, Packed with Probiotics, Certified Kosher, All Natural and Gluten Free, Pack of 12, 8 oz Bottles

Latta Kombucha Green Tea is not only delicious, it packs numerous health benefits into every bottle Unlike coffee, energy drinks, or sugary tea, Latta Kombucha Green Tea is a delicious, all-natural beverage that not only boosts your energy and mental focus naturally, it’s packed full of healthy nutrients and probiotics that have a profound effect on your health. Latta Kombucha Green Tea is a delicious beverage, sure, but it also acts as a powerful weight loss control, fills your digestive tract with healthy probiotics, and gives you the physical and mental energy to take on each day with full gusto. Each bottle of Latta Kombucha Green Tea Aloe Vera: • Enhances energy, mood and mental acuity • Revitalizes your metabolism • Refreshing and rejuvenating • Delicious and certified kosher • Packed with probiotics • Gluten free and non-GMO

Luxury Organic Ti Kuanyin Slimming Oolong Loose Leaf Tea. (Original Product #B00BJVIZ6K) A refreshing tea with slimming benefits. This oolong tea is the highest quality of the oolongs. A bit pricy, but the taste and flavor is well worth it for the slimming properties. Floral-like orchid notes with a smooth and haunting finish. An excellent tea which has no calories when consumed without milk or sugar. Ingredients From: China Region(s): Fujian Province Shipping Port(s): Fuzhou Grade(s): Ti Kuan Yin Special Growing Altitudes: 1500 – 4900 feet above sea level Manufacture Type(s): Semi fermented, Traditional process, Small batch crafted and formed.. Excellent diet tea, organic diet tea, diet oolong tea, slimming tea, skinny girl type tea, dieters tea, oolong tea

Ti Ti Kuanyin Slimming Oolong – Original Flavor; Both a slimming and great tasting tea with floral like orchid notes and a smooth finish. Original flavor tea with awesome slimming benefits. Oolong has some very unique qualities. It helps to speed up your metabolism and can help with digestion. This oolong tea is the highest quality of the oolongs. A bit pricy, but the taste and flavor is well worth it. As for the slimming properties, it is a Chinese custom to drink this tea with meals in order to feel sated and refreshed without over indulging in food. Slimming Oolong – both a slimming and great tasting tea with floral like orchid notes and a smooth finish. An excellent tea with awesome slimming benefits.

David Rio Chai Mix, Sugar Free 2 Caniser Variety Pack, 11.9 Oz

Orca – Our sugar free, low calorie version of chai has the same great flavor as our signature tiger spice chai with the sugar replaced by splenda (sucralose). Flamingo – A sugar free, decaf version of our elephant vanilla chai uses decaffeinated black tea with the sugar replaced by splenda (sucralose). At David Rio, we make chai because we are inspired by traditional Indian milk tea, and we set out to blend Eastern traditions with Western style to create America’s Premier Chai. For centuries in India, “chai wallahs” have been brewing chai from black tea and real spices, then adding milk and honey to the final preparation. Inspired by them and Western café culture, our goal is to establish a premium product using high-quality ingredients with a rich, well-balanced taste, in a unique and attractive package. Chai is the perfect median between coffee and tea, earning its rightful place on café menus, and David Rio chai is the premier chai known worldwide as well as at home.

SALE! Measure Coffee, Sugar, Creamer and Tea – Coffee Scooper with a Beautiful Ceramic Handle – Flawless Measuring for the Perfect Cup of Joe | Offered By Globally Good®

Scoop in style! You have found the best gift for any tea and coffee lover! Measure and scoop your perfect ground coffee or tea leaves with this elegant and sturdy ceramic handle coffee scoop. Features: • Cone-shaped metal scooper• Stylish and handy kitchen accessory tool• Colorful and high-quality ceramic handle • A must-have for those who enjoy their morning caffeine ritual• Easy to clean! Hand wash only Metal cone and ceramic handle This durable and decorative scoop has a fun coffee print on the handle and measures approximately 7″ long. Perfect gift and stocking stuffer! We stand behind our products with a no-hassle, money-back Lifetime Guarantee! Click The Buy Button To Take Advantage Of The Current Low Sales Price

Wilton Solid Orange Sugar Sheet- Discontinued By Manufacturer

WILTON-Sugar Sheets. Quick and easy way to add colorful details to cakes and desserts-even if you’ve never decorated before! There’s no preparation and no mess just peel punch or cut and place your decorations in minutes. This package contains one 8×11 inch sheet. Color: Orange. Imported.

Coffee Scoop by VitaShip – Measure Coffee, Sugar, Creamer and Tea – Coffee Scooper with a Beautiful Ceramic Handle – Flawless Measuring for the Perfect Cup of Joe!

Measure the Perfect Amount of Coffee, Sugar and Creamer to make an Amazing Cup of Joe! The Original Coffee Scoop • Fun accessory for your kitchen or coffee bar • Cone-shaped metal coffee or tea scooper • Colorful and vibrant ceramic handle with beautiful coffee house print • The must-have kitchen accessory for those who love to save money • Easy to clean! Wash by hand. The Perfect Christmas Gift for Coffee and Tea Lovers! Satisfaction Guaranteed Your satisfaction is our priority. VitaShip is so sure you will love your coffee scooper that we offer a no hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee. Order Now Add this Coffee Scoop to your cart for Immediate Delivery Now.

Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea Bags, 20 ct, 2 pk

Celebrate with Baked Sugar Cookies Love cookies? Don’t wait anymore. Here’s presenting cookies in a cup of tea. Drinking Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea is as good as eating cookies that are freshly baked. A blend of all natural ingredients and cookie flavor infused into this tea, it’s a real treat for all tea lovers and cookie lovers as well. Flavor of freshly baked cookies Contains all natural ingredients With no artificial sweeteners or added sugar, you can drink as many cups of tea you want without thinking about adding calories. Just For You: The entire familyEssential Elements: Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea Bags contains all natural ingredients and flavors of real cookies infused into it to make it delicious. Free of: Refined sweeteners, added sugar

Oregon Chai Sugar Free Chai Tea Latte Concentrate, 32-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

In 1991 our founder headed for the Himalayas in search of something to fill her cup, metaphorically speaking. While she was there, her cup was filled—we’re talking literally this time—with a rich, creamy, spiced tea. With chai. She came home and dedicated three years to perfecting her Western interpretation of this delectable drink and dubbed it Oregon Chai. Today we remain true to our founder’s Oregonian roots and heritage of introducing authentic chai to America. This item is suitable for use by restaurants, professional chefs or industrial foodservice facilities.

Coconut Mocha in Jar #28529 (Cane Sugar Added)

If our coconut coffee & tea benefits your stomach, constipation, skin, hair, nails, and weight control, please tell us your story. Our fans ignite us with the passion and inspiration to produce the best coconut coffee & tea series available. We love sharing our products with you and we’d love for you to share your story with us. Please email “”

USDA Organic White Mulberry Leaf Tea (15 Teabags) | Blood Sugar Balance | Leaves Can Help Fight Cholesterol | Caffeine Free | Boosts Immune System | Helps with Weight Loss | Convenient Teabags

Mulberry leaves are known to have multiple health benefits. They contain detoxification properties and are a rich source of many nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. One of the most unique qualities of the Mulberry leaf is the prevention of excessive sugars from entering into the bloodstream. Therefore, drinking Mulberry Leaf Tea is a great choice for those seeking to reduce high blood pressure and maintain a healthy weight. Video Testimonial: Ingredients: Organic White Mulberry Leaves Instructions: Steep one tea bag in 8-12 oz of hot water for 3 minutes. For best results, drink a cup of Mulberry Leaf Tea right before or during meals. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease)

Mulberry Tea – White | Blood Sugar Controller Tea | Great Hot or Cold | White Mulberry Tea (Morus Alba) | Caffeine Free | Great Reviews | Weight Loss Tea | Sunrise Pure Nutrition Guarantee

BENEFITS OF WHITE MULBERRY TEA: Traditional Chinese Medicine has used White Mulberry Tea for over 400 years as a way to:- Counter cold and flu symptons.- Deal with headaches and constipation.- Helps maintain a healthy body weight.- Rich source of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants- BLOOD SUGAR MANAGEMENT: Drinking White Mulberry Leaf Tea is a great choice for those seeking to manage sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight. Research shows that leaves contain a substance called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) that inhibits some of the stomach enzymes responsible for processing fats and sugars. This results in fewer fats and sugars being absorbed into the blood stream. And this is why it was recently highlighted on the Dr Oz show.ATTN DR OZ FANS: As you know, Dr Oz does NOT promote particular brands. For your convinience, below are direct quotes from his Sept 30, 2013 show:-… “What I love about mulberry is that it has a way of stopping this process (ie high blood-sugar levels) before it even starts” Thats why I believe it will be the dominant thing in the health aisle this year”-… “It’s leaves have potent potent sugar blocking properties “-… “The leaves have a powerful effect on the sugar we mentioned but the best way to get them I beleive is tea.”CAUTION: There are a variety of mulberry teas on the market. For the health benefits described above, make sure its White Mulberry Tea identified by its scientific name -Morus alba.WHY SUNRISE PURE WHITE MULBERRY TEA?- 100% Pure White Mulberry Tea (Morus alba). Nothing else added.- Grown in Pristine, Pollution Free Highlands of Northern Thailand- Wonderful Earthy-Sweet Taste.- Caffeine and Chemical Free- Premium Quality- We are so confident that you will LOVE our tea that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.CLICK THE “ADD TO CART” BUTTON, UPPER RIGHT TO GET STARTED

Lipton Diet Iced Tea Mix, Lemon, Sugar Free, 5.9 oz (167 g)

Makes 20 Quarts. 5 Calories per serving. NutraSweet brand sweetener. Natural flavor. Lipton Diet Iced Tea has a new look with the same great taste. With only 5 calories per glass and 4 flavor varieties to choose – Lipton Diet Iced Tea brings you a refreshing experience with the genuine taste of Lipton – America’s Favorite Tea. Feel Lipton good. Sweetened with NutraSweet.