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Best Bamboo Tea Box Natural Chest with Clear Hinged Lid, 8 Storage Sections with Expandable Drawer

CHEST TO IMPRESS.”Holds our teas in a beautiful display… excellent quality craftsmanship, its good looking and holds a great variety… Amazing quality!” Patty (Miami, FL)Kwijns Kreations Brings to You a 100% Bamboo beautifully crafted Tea Chest with pull out Drawer:KWIJNS RAPID BENEFITS* Keep your teas beautifully organized* Hidden side storage drawer* Ultimate gift for any tea lover* 6 sections hold 126 tea bags!Kwijns Kreations is about experiences, and we care about yours. We listened and offer you the best products. Here are Customer Ideas built into this beautifully crafted Tea Chest:KWIJNS ULTIMATE FEATURES* Framed lid with acrylic glass window for easy viewing* 100% Eco Friendly Bamboo* 8 deep divided compartments * Easy cleaning – side drawer is removable* Magnetic lid secures and prevents your tea selection or accessories from falling out* Easy to open lidInfuse a little relaxation into you day. Whether you love serving tea to a crowd, or you just like having a great selection for yourself, you can’t go wrong with this handsome container.Versatile enough for small accessories sets, crafts, screws or collections. Best of all, there’s a hidden slide-out drawer that’s perfect for your delicate spoons, favorite loose organic tea, infuser or anything you would like to tuck away.Impress your friends and family with this wonderfully crafted chest for your home or present it as the perfect gift for tea lovers.With Kwijns Kreations Tea Chest in your home, we’re not only 100% confident in your satisfaction, but ensure it with our Kwijns Quality Guarantee! Ultra-Solid Construction. If you’re not FULLY satisfied, neither are we until we make it right!Scroll up & Add your Tea Chest to your Cart Right Now by Clicking the Yellow “Add to Cart” Button above!

Estilo Bamboo Tea Storage Box, 10 Equally Divided Compartments

10 equally divided compartments. Smooth Bamboo body and framed lid with acrylic glass for easy viewing.Made to store a variety of tea bags, sugar bags, sugar cubes, toothpicks etc. Hinged lid.Dimensions: Length – 14.5 inches, Width – 8 inches, Height – 3.5 inches.

DecoBros K-cup Storage Drawer Holder for Keurig K-cup Coffee Pods

The enhanced design to save up to 36 k-cup coffee pods. Easy to slide in and out to get pod you want. Rubber Mat keep your coffee machine safe to put on the top of the drawer, but also absorbs vibrations No additional space to store your favorite coffee Pods. Enjoy your coffee with simple organize.

Keurig Under Brewer Storage Drawer

Now you see it, now you don’t! The Keurig 2.0 storage drawer is perfect for storing Keurig brand pods when and where you need them. It’s the ultimate in space-saving solution. This is not your usual coffee maker storage. Place directly under your brewer for convenient storage that rolls forward for easy access to both pods and brewers from under kitchen cabinets. The Keurig 2.0 storage drawer works with any Keurig brewer for the home. Holds up to 28 K-Cup pods, or up to 20 K-Carafe pods. The Keurig 2.0 storage drawer is just one of many great accessories for Keurig 2.0 brewers.

Mind Reader Anchor’ Coffee Pod Storage Drawer for 50 Nespresso Capsules, White

The Anchor Coffee Pod Drawer is the new generation of coffee pod storage! Choose from three models: K-Cups (holds 36, and available in black or white), Vue Packs (holds 20) or Nespresso Capsules (holds 50). NOTE: The K-Cup model is compatible with Verismo pods, CBTL pods, Dolce Gusto pods (42), and Rivo Pods (72) The Vue model is also compatible with Tassimo T-Discs (48) Forget the cheap wire mesh holders with sticky drawers and flimsy construction that eventually sag. This holder is built to last with attention to detail and superior materials. Strong durable construction means you can safely place your coffee machine directly on top of the drawer without worrying that it will eventually sag or that the heat will compromise the coffee pods underneath. •Choose from three models: K-Cups (holds 36, available in Black, White, Red, Silver, and wood veneer), Vue Packs (holds 20) or Nespresso Capsules (holds 50, available in Black, Red and Silver). •clean and modern design perfect for home or office •chrome handles •Five rows to help organize your favorite flavors •K-cup model: 13.5W x 3.2H x 13.2D •Nespresso model: 9.2W x 2.2H x 15.2D •Vue model: 13.39W x 3.19H x 13.62D Why buy the Anchor over cheaper products? Simple, because you get what you pay for. The Anchor looks great (much better than wire mesh!) and is made with quality materials so the drawers will remain smooth even with the weight of a coffee machine over it. The superior structure means the capsules will not be compromised over time by the constant heat from the machine, unlike all other models in the market. fresh coffee is the whole point, right.

Tightvac 6-Ounce Vacuum Sealed Dry Goods Storage Container, Black Body/Cap

The Tightvac Storage System is a unique patented vacuum seal closure system, which allows moisture to escape, keeping your goods dry & oxygen free. The 6 oz. Tightvac is the perfect size storage for snacks, pet treats, 16 oz. of sugar, tea, nuts, trail mix, cookies and other dry good items. Great for travel. Tightvacs save you money and guarantee fresher for longer food storage than other typical containers on the market. The Tightvac’s easy to use system creates a vacuum seal simply by pushing the button on the lid as you close it/press again to open, simple! Use Tightvac storage containers to increase the shelf life of all your dry goods. Use all of our products; Tightvacs, Coffeevacs, Everythingvacs & Vitavacs for a multitude of household storage purposes, from small to large, in a variety of colors & styles. Hand wash only.

Manual Hand Grind Coffee Mill with Glass Storage

This Manual Coffee Mill contains a good storage capacity for Hand Grinds Beans for the maximum flavor. This is a user-friendly product. It has many competitors in the market too. So a lot of effort has gone in making the product consumer efficient. All its unique and advanced features set it apart and make it distinguishable. Cool Features About Manual Coffee Mill: • Keeps the flavor intact with the glass storage accompanying the manual grinder. • Elegant structure to easily help blend the coffee grinds well. • Ceramic stones help in churning of the beans thoroughly and give a homogeneous mix. • Reduce spilling and leakage issues with the silicone hopper lid provided. • No heating of motor due to friction while grinding. • Save electricity with this manual coffee grinder. The coffee lovers can enhance the productivity of the product by using fresh coffee beans. Delicious coffee is now possible at home using this manual coffee grinder. The flavor of the coffee largely depends on the grinding of the coffee beans. The manual grinding machine is very easy to use that causes less friction and heat, by reducing the loss of oils thorough the process of evaporation. This manual coffee beans grinder can be easily cleaned and it does not create much noise as compared to its contemporaries. BENEFITS • Triple Guarantee: Fast Shipping – Secure Payment – Quality Service • PLUS: If you are like most of our customers you will love our product, however if in the unlikely event there is something you are not satisfied with, we offer a full 100% refund or replacement policy. Simply scroll to the top of the page, click the add to cart button and follow the easy steps to buy your Manual Coffee Mill NOW!

Swissmar Capstore Select Storage Rack for 18-Pack

Swissmar’s capstore select 18 storage unit keeps k-cup® packs neat, organized, clean, ready, and reachable for use. Able to store up to 18 k-cup® packs, the storage unit stands on a rotating base, allowing access from all sides. Designed with a chromed steel frame, the unit is the same bright color as polished stainless steel, so it will blend in any decor. It makes a great gift for college students, space-efficient apartment residents, or anyone needing to reign in kitchen space. It measures 13.5 inches tall and weighs approximately 1.11 pounds. K-cup® packs available separately.

Tightvac Coffeevac 1 Pound Vacuum Sealed Storage Container, Solid Black Body/Cap

Coffeevac’s have a unique patented vacuum seal closure system, which allows the carbon dioxide from the beans to escape, while keeping your coffee moisture and oxygen free. Coffeevac’s save you money and guarantee smooth rich coffee flavor for longer. Solid and tinted Coffeevacs protect light sensitive beans and tealeaves. The Tightvac’s easy to use system creates a vacuum seal simply by pushing the button on the lid as you close it/press again to open, simple! Use Tightvac storage containers to increase the shelf life of all your dry goods – coffee, tea, cereal, flour, bread, herbs, spices. Use all of our products; Tightvacs, Coffeevacs, EverythingVacs and Vitavacs for a multitude of household storage purposes, from small to large, in a variety of colors and styles. Handwash only.