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Senseo Hazelnut Coffee Pods, 16 Count

Specially-designed SENSEO coffee pods are measured servings of coffee that give you a full, smooth taste and aroma. The coffee blends are selected and roasted by the premier European company Douwe Egberts, with a 250 year heritage.

Ecopad, the Refillable Coffee Filter for the Classic Senseo (pack of 2)

The refillable, reusable coffee pad for the Philips Senseo coffee machine. This is the new Brown unit (replaced the older and discontinued blue ecopad). The patented Brown Ecopad is environmentally-friendly and has many advantages, like: Your favorite brand coffee at a low price. Works with finely ground teas. Handy when you’re out of paper pads. Long life and durable. Dishwasher safe. NOTE: Ecopad ONLY works in the Philips Senseo Coffee maker models that start with HD781. Ecopads will NOT work in the Supreme, Deluxe or SL Philips Senseo models. Ecopads require the 2 pod holder that came with your Philips Senso machine and will NOT fit in the single pod holder. Ecopads are considered a food related item and cannot be returned once opened. If you do not have a Philips Brand Senso HD781# model then Ecopads will NOT work or fit in your machine.

Philips 91000 SENSEO Breakfast Blend

Philips 91000 SENSEO Breakfast Blend Spend the morning with the aroma and fresh taste of breakfast blend coffee! Douwe Egberts and Philips …