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200g Dahongpao Oolong Tea Wuyi Rock Tea Strong-flavor Red Robe Tea Chinese Tea

The Dahongpao are thousand-year-old trees, a rare treasure which originate in the northeast of Wuyi Mountain, Fujian province. It grows under the Tianxin Rock, in the Kowloon nest, the West of the Yongle Temple. There only remain four trees on the sheer cliff and the “Dahongpao tea” three characters which carved by Zhude, a famous Chinese leader. The tea trees are low fertilizer, lush growth, as old as one thousand years and they are nourished by the spring water oozing from the crevices. The Dahongpao tea tree is belonging to the bush which has semi-spread crown, intensive branches, blade tip upward inclined born, leaf nearly elliptic type, leaf apex blunt and slightly prolapsed, the leaf margin slightly to face turn, leaf color dark green sheen, the goods within a bit thick surface crisp, bud slightly strong, bright, dark green and slightly purple. Wuyi Dahongpao tea got its name due to the early spring buds germination, looking out through tree brilliant red as fire and it looks as the red robe draped tree. Characteristics: after drinking the tooth cheek keeps the fragrance, lingering for a long time, after you brew it for nine times, it still keeps the original tea osmanthus fragrans, and thus it is honored as “Wuyi Tea King”. Wuyi rock tea is produced in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, province. Wuyi Mountain is located in the southeast of Chongan, Fujian province. The Wuyi Mountain with the area of 60 kilometers which have 36 peaks and 99 famous rocks, and there are tea trees growing near each rock.