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Organic Gunpowder Green Tea: 3-Time Award Winning Loose Leaf Tea – Hand-Rolled, Fair-Trade, Young And Tender Organic Tea Leaves – A Deeply Renewing Energy Boost Any Time Of Day (2 oz)

Always A Good Day For Gunpowder Green Discover the woodsy feel with gentle smoky overtones of our organic gunpowder green tea. To achieve this unique flavor, we take fair trade organic green tea leaves that are still young and tender and hand-roll them into pellets which somewhat resemble gunpowder. This results in a fragrant, grassy flavor perfect for sipping any time of day. Though the term “gunpowder” may conjure up visions of a sharp, in-your-face flavor with insane amounts of caffeine, let us assure you that this is not the case. Rather, we’ve created a vibrant green tea that successfully straddles the line between needlessly potent and perfectly poignant. Welcome To The TEAki Hut Our three-time award winning line of loose-leaf teas is our pride and joy. We’ve carefully crafted each selection to appeal to tea drinkers of all sorts – and even those who never thought they’d actually enjoy a cup of tea. Most of our teas are organic, and you won’t find any fillers or unhealthy additives; always just the best loose leaf tea blends we can create delivered fresh to your door. Your Favorite Tea Guarantee: We know our customers, and we know tea. We’re so sure you’ll find one you like that we’re giving you what we believe is a first of its kind guarantee. David’s Tea and Teavana Teas have nothing on this! If for whatever reason you don’t care for this particular blend, just let us know, and we’ll send you another of your choosing. You’re bound to find one you love! If not, we’re happy to process a full refund at any time. It’s never been easier or more fun to discover the perfect tea, so add a few TEAki Hut teas to your cart today!