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Pinalim Tea/Te de Pinalim Mexican Version- Pineapple, Flax, Green Tea, & White Tea – 30 Day Supply

This is the original Gn+Vida weight loss tea, add this to you diet and exercise regimen and lose those hard to lose pounds. This product does what it was designed to do…. Help you lose weight. The Pineapple Tea, Pinalim, is the Strongest Enhanced Pineapple Tea from GN+Vida, Company that is Most Famous for its Wildly Successful Weight-Loss Supplement, the Artichoke Vials. Now they bring you an even stronger version of their Famous Tea, based on Pineapple and all its benefits. Buy today and start your weight loss off right

Pineapple-Mint Green Rooibos 20 Muslin Tea Bags

Very popular in its native South Africa, rooibos is a plant known for its relaxing properties. A green tea (i.e. unfermented), this rooibos has notes of fresh and tangy flavors. This blend appeals thanks to its sweet pineapple flavor, awakened by a hint of spearmint. It can be enjoyed hot or cold throughout the day.