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Tea Forte Loose Tea Canister-White Ginger Pear, 2.1 oz, 50 servings

Pure, Flavored White Tea With all ingredients picked up with precision and care, Tea Forte Loose Tea Canister tea is prepared from rare varietal tea bush that’s picked up in early spring to impart a rich and fresh flavor to the tea. This tea has the delightful and delectable infusion of fresh pear juice with a zing of ginger that can give you a great tea experience. Made of varietal tea bush called ‘chaicha’ Infused with pear juice and a hint of ginger High on antioxidants and low on caffeine Delicious cup of white tea With a balanced blend of tea bush, chaicha and pear with a hint of ginger, Tea Forte Loose Tea Canister is a rare white tea that’s loved by everyone. Just For You: White tea lovers Essential Elements: Made from tea bush chaicha, pear juice and ginger, Loose Tea Canister is a refreshing cup of rare white tea.