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Multifunctional Glass Teapot: For Making Tea and Boiling Tea, Applicable for Electromagnetic Oven, Gas Stove, Electric Ceramic Cooker and Lightwave Oven

Product Specification: 1. The spout opening: manually cut and processed, naturally smooth, with no drip. 2. The tea filter with a handle: easy to carry, not hot for the hand. 3. The teapot lid: half-arc shaped vent design, to ensure no direct spray of the steam onto the hands. With the tight connection between the teapot lid and the gasket ring, there is no gas leaking or falling off. 4. The stainless steel filter: 1300 draining holes with the diameter of 0.66mm leak water evenly, with efficient filtering function and no leaking of the tea. 5. The handle: Wide and thick, firmly bonded, feeling good to carry with no slipping. 6. The glass pot: made with thickened high borosilicate glass, not easily broken, environment-friendly, transparent and durable. 7. The stainless steel bottom plate: special heating plate for electromagnetic oven, quick heating, removable and washable, safe and hygiene, with no risk. Cautions: 1. When the bottom plate becomes too loose or too tight, you can adjust it easily by moving the tripod on the bottom plate gently. 2. When the teapot lid becomes too loose or too tight, take the lid in your hand with the bead outward, push it with force and deformation, the pot can be covered. Product Description: 1. Made by high grade SUS304# stainless steel, processed by Germany metalworking equipment, with perfect texture, this product is absolutely antibacterial and hygiene. 2. With top class high borosilicate glass, unique blowpipe technique processing, and modern design, the product presents the balance of technique and aesthetics. 3. This product is made by high borosilicate glass with international patent, processed with manual blowpipe technique, with the thermal shock resistance of -20-150°C. It is even safe if you put the boiling water in the pot after 12 hours of freezing.

Making Tea, Making Japan: Cultural Nationalism in Practice

The tea ceremony persists as one of the most evocative symbols of Japan. Originally a pastime of elite warriors in premodern society, it was later recast as an emblem of the modern Japanese state, only to be transformed again into its current incarnation, largely the hobby of middle-class housewives. How does the cultural practice of a few come to represent a nation as a whole? Although few non-Japanese scholars have peered behind the walls of a tea room, sociologist Kristin Surak came to know the inner workings of the tea world over the course of ten years of tea training. Here she offers the first comprehensive analysis of the practice that includes new material on its historical changes, a detailed excavation of its institutional organization, and a careful examination of what she terms “nation-work”—the labor that connects the national meanings of a cultural practice and the actual experience and enactment of it. She concludes by placing tea ceremony in comparative perspective, drawing on other expressions of nation-work, such as gymnastics and music, in Europe and Asia.Taking readers on a rare journey into the elusive world of tea ceremony, Surak offers an insightful account of the fundamental processes of modernity—the work of making nations.

Coffee Recipes: A Beginner’s Guide to Making a Perfect Cup with Over 30 Delicious Recipes to Spoil You and Your Loved Ones (Frapuccino,Mocaccino and Latte Recipes)

Are you a coffee lover? If you are then you are definitely not alone because coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the entire world. With variations all over the world, coffee actually has a number of benefits as well. Everyone has heard that coffee can stunt your growth or that it can cause insomnia, but did you know that these things are actually myths? That’s right. Coffee is actually really good for you in a number of ways (not to spoil the book but it will actually help you lose weight!) so you actually want to include it in your diet. Throughout this book we will help you understand all of the benefits of coffee, all the myths that you’ve heard throughout your life and, of course, exactly how to make that perfect cup of coffee. Never settle for a mediocre (or bad) cup of coffee again. Instead, make sure that your cup of coffee is perfect every time. No matter what your favorite type of coffee may be, we can help you make it better and we can even help you try out all new recipes you’ve never even heard of before, from amaretto to mint chocolate and orange.