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Miraclekoo Wooden Coffee Tea Spoon with Kusunoki Lines Long Handle Mixing Spoon,8 – Inch, 4 Psc

Material Made of Natural logs, delicate patterns, light but solid, can make the table a natural fresh breath. Simple and plain, natural and elegant , exudes the flavor of the years. Product Features It holds over boiling water with not crack, not broken, in summer is not hot, in winter is not ice hand, believe that served in a wooden utensil not only food , but also have the strong interest. Matters needing attention: 1 microwave is not available 2 not exposure to avoid discoloration or deformation 3 do not soak products in water or other liquid long time 4 please store in a well ventilated place. 5 before first use please clean reoccupy water high temperature disinfection 6 for the service life of wood products,suggest you do not use the product in the disinfection cabinet and other disinfection tool Miraclekoo offer you not only good products, but also good service So get yours now by clicking the orange ADD TO CART button and enjoy it today!