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Two Leaves Tea Company Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea, 100-Count

White tea is made from the young, unopened bud of the tea plant, and handled gently to preserve silvery white hairs on the leaves. We think that you’ll sense the care used to harvest this tea in each cuppa’ – it’s smooth taste is matched by a soft flavor you can drink all day.

Organic Gunpowder Green Tea: 3-Time Award Winning Loose Leaf Tea – Hand-Rolled, Fair-Trade, Young And Tender Organic Tea Leaves – A Deeply Renewing Energy Boost Any Time Of Day (2 oz)

Always A Good Day For Gunpowder Green Discover the woodsy feel with gentle smoky overtones of our organic gunpowder green tea. To achieve this unique flavor, we take fair trade organic green tea leaves that are still young and tender and hand-roll them into pellets which somewhat resemble gunpowder. This results in a fragrant, grassy flavor perfect for sipping any time of day. Though the term “gunpowder” may conjure up visions of a sharp, in-your-face flavor with insane amounts of caffeine, let us assure you that this is not the case. Rather, we’ve created a vibrant green tea that successfully straddles the line between needlessly potent and perfectly poignant. Welcome To The TEAki Hut Our three-time award winning line of loose-leaf teas is our pride and joy. We’ve carefully crafted each selection to appeal to tea drinkers of all sorts – and even those who never thought they’d actually enjoy a cup of tea. Most of our teas are organic, and you won’t find any fillers or unhealthy additives; always just the best loose leaf tea blends we can create delivered fresh to your door. Your Favorite Tea Guarantee: We know our customers, and we know tea. We’re so sure you’ll find one you like that we’re giving you what we believe is a first of its kind guarantee. David’s Tea and Teavana Teas have nothing on this! If for whatever reason you don’t care for this particular blend, just let us know, and we’ll send you another of your choosing. You’re bound to find one you love! If not, we’re happy to process a full refund at any time. It’s never been easier or more fun to discover the perfect tea, so add a few TEAki Hut teas to your cart today!

Glass Teapot for One Cup Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Use for Brew Tea Kettles Kitchenaid Le Creuset OXO Cuisinart Farberware for Steeping Black Tea & Herbal Tea Leaves & Loose Tea Strainer

Glass Tea Pot with Loose Leaf Stainless Steel Infuser-Discover Joy in a Cup of Tea! Steeping leaves in water is a simple act, but the result is a magical elixir. No matter what kind of tea you like-classic black with milk and sugar, green with a dash of honey or a dreamy cup of chai to warm your soul-you can make the perfect cup in our easy-to-use Hudson Teapot. STEEP YOUR FAVORITE TEA leaves for an optimal, elegant experience. INFUSE HERBAL TISANES, rooibos, white tea, green tea, herbal concoctions and more for full flavor. With the Hudson Teapot, you can also infuse tisanes, herbal concoctions, fresh mint, and flower essences. It’s versatile and well-created-allowing leaves to blossom to their full potential. About Us-The NYC Tea & Trading Company produces artisanal teas and accessories for modern tea lovers. Born in 2015 and based in Brooklyn, we sell invigorating blends inspired by the city we love. YOUR WARM CUP OF TEA IS WAITING. Item arrives as a standalone teapot containing an infuser, but without tea leaves or accessories. Order your Hudson Teapot today. We want you to enjoy your tea, so we offer 100% money back guarantee. When you click the buy button, you’re on the way to a magical cup of tea. For a limited time we’re offering a FREE recipe booklet: “Three Cakes for Tea Lovers” when you order today.

Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Sampler, Assorted, 9 Count

Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Sampler, Assorted 9 count includes 9 of our bestselling loose-leaf teas and tisanes. Sencha Green Tea, China Green Tea, Flavored Green Tea, White Tea, Peppermint Herbal Tea, Chamomile Herbal Tea, Rooibos Herbal Tisane, Berry Herbal Tisane, Flavored Rooibos Tisane. All tea comes from the same plant – Camelia Sinensis. After harvesting, the way the tea plant is processed determines whether the tea will become a Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, or White Tea. All other tea-like beverages that don’t come from the Camelia Sinensis plant, such as Chamomile, Peppermint, Rooibos, are tisanes. All tisanes are caffeine free.

Dechunxian® Yunnan Premium 250g Pu-erh Puer Pu erh Dark Black Tea Diet tea,100% Natural Organic Tea Leaves,produced From High Mountain Ancient Tree(ripe Tea Rich Flavor)

Brief Introduction: In traditional Chinese herbalism, pu-erh tea is considered to open the meridians, ‘warm the middle burner’ (the spleen and stomach) and be beneficial to ‘blood cleansing’ and digestion. For these reasons, it is often consumed after heavy meals or drunk as a hangover cure / preventative. Some studies have shown that pu-erh may lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and increase metabolism. Pu-erh is occasionally touted as a ‘diet tea. Differences between Raw Puerh & Ripe Puerh: Raw tea: Light and mild flavor. Ripe tea: strong and rich flavor. Ingredients: 100 % Pure Natural Organic Pu-erh tea leaves from High Mountain Ancient Tree. Storage: keep sealed and put in the cool place or refrigerator, with the temperature of 0-18 degrees (Attention must be paid to: Can’t put together with another odor, in case of taint of odor). Application Guide: 1st step:Break a piece of the cake (about 3-5g,Proportion tea to water 1:30-1:50) . 2nd step:Prepare boiled water (Pu’er Tea requests the boiled water of the 95 Degree). 3rd step:Warm and Wash Tea twice (Pour Out boiled water immediately for the first and second time). 4th step:While really starting,about a minute the tea soup can be enjoyed,then continue the second.With more times,the time can be prolonged slowly from one minute to a few minutes gradually,which can keep the even density of tea soup.

NalLife Organic Soursop Graviola Leaves Tea Pack of 30 Bags

According to our production process of soursop leave tea, only ripe soursop leaves are specifically selected for cleaning and letting dry in shade in order to value , passing them through sterilization, and then containing them in quality tea bag. The soursop leaves are toxic-free and contained in vacuum foil with ziplock package. We also provide Maximum Efficient Drinking Manual for your own good health. You can additionally search about soursop leaves from Google.

Mulberry Tea – Loose Leaf – Premium Dried White Mulberry Leaves – Shipped in Resealable Bags for Maximum Freshness – Backed by 100% Money Back Guarantee – 100 grams (3.5 oz)

What is White Mulberry Leaf Tea? – White mulberry leaf tea has been recommended in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 400 years. In TCM the leaves of the white mulberry tree (called Sang ye in Chinese) is considered a cooling blood tonic and believed to benefit both the liver and lung energy meridians. White mulberry leaf tea was also widely used in Greece and mentioned in ancient Greek medical texts. In 2013 our White Mulberry Tea was featured on a popular daytime health program. If you watch the show, look for our distinctive gold pouch when they show the loose tea. They covered the label per their policy but I trust you’ll recognize it all the same. Why is our Mulberry leaf tea is the best? – We grow our mulberry trees on small farms in the highlands of Thailand where pristine air, water and soil produce a very high quality Mulberry leaf tea. Because we work directly with the farmers we can insist on natural pesticide-free growing methods. We pan dry immediately and then follow with a forced air drying method that allows us to preserve the integrity of the tea. Our mulberry tea is slightly sweet with an earthy taste reminiscent of maple leaves. Click the orange button above and give our Mulberry leaf tea a try. Its fully pesticide free and caffeine free!

Tea Forte KATI Single Cup Loose Leaf Tea Brewing System, Insulated Ceramic Cup with Tea Infuser and Lid, Green Leaves – NEW Infuser Design

Loose tea by the cup … simpleOur contemporary ceramic tumbler with an integrated stainless steel infusing basket makes steeping loose tea by the cup easy. Simply place the infusing basket inside the cup, add your favorite loose tea to the infuser, and pour boiling water over the basket. Cover with the included lid to steep a generous 12oz cup of tea. The innovative double-wall construction keeps tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Kati Cup Brewing System is dishwasher safe for easy clean up, and the ceramic cup is microwave safe.

USDA Organic White Mulberry Leaf Tea (15 Teabags) | Blood Sugar Balance | Leaves Can Help Fight Cholesterol | Caffeine Free | Boosts Immune System | Helps with Weight Loss | Convenient Teabags

Mulberry leaves are known to have multiple health benefits. They contain detoxification properties and are a rich source of many nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. One of the most unique qualities of the Mulberry leaf is the prevention of excessive sugars from entering into the bloodstream. Therefore, drinking Mulberry Leaf Tea is a great choice for those seeking to reduce high blood pressure and maintain a healthy weight. Video Testimonial: Ingredients: Organic White Mulberry Leaves Instructions: Steep one tea bag in 8-12 oz of hot water for 3 minutes. For best results, drink a cup of Mulberry Leaf Tea right before or during meals. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease)

Two Leaves Tea CompanyOrganic African Sunset Red Tea, 100 Count

We call this organic rooibos tea (say “roy-bus”) “African Sunset” because red tea is grown in South Africa, where it is cherished for its spicy, herbal flavor. We’ve added just a touch of lemongrass and lemon zest to brighten up this smooth cuppa’ tea on your palate.

Tea Forte KATI Tea Brewing System Green Leaves

(10 customer reviews) Loose tea by the cup…..simple. Our double-wall ceramic tumbler and integrated stainless steel infuser make brewing loose tea by the cup simple. The innovative double-wall construction keeps tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Brews a generous 12 oz cup, is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend (Green Tea), 100% Japanese Green Tea Leaves, 100 Tea Bags

Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend, 100% Japanese Tea Leaves, 100 Tea Bags is made with Sencha Green Tea from Japan’s lush tea plantations, known for producing some of the best teas in the world. In keeping with Japanese tradition, this tea is gently steamed, rolled, and then dried. This minimal processing stops the oxidation and preserves the freshness, aroma, and color of the tea leaf. Matcha, a green tea powder made from specially harvested leaves is added to enhance flavor and taste. Our premium nylon tea bag allows for optimum water flow during the brewing process. Store in the a cool, dry place. See inside box for a cold tea recipe.

Numi Tea Dancing Leaves Teapot

Numi Tea Dancing Leaves Teapot Numi Tea Dancing Leaves Teapot is a wonderful gift for tea lovers. Contains Teahouse Glass Teapot and …