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Twinings Black Tea, Lady Grey, 20 Count Bagged Tea (6 Pack)

Lady Grey Tea is a unique blend from Twinings. This delicious black tea has a light and gentle citrus flavor that is both relaxing and refreshing. Lady Grey is perfect in the morning with breakfast or for afternoon tea. Enjoy it with a little milk, or with sweetener, or to your liking. It is a refreshing, light black tea with the distinctive citrus fruit flavor of bergamot to deliver an uplifting tea with vibrant aroma and zesty flavors of orange and lemon.

Special Tea Blue Lady Earl Grey Green and Rooibos Tea Single Serve Cups, 30 Gram

Green Rooibos, blue flower and bergamot flavor. Special Tea Company Tea combines taste and convenience in a single cup. Our promise is to bring you the finest tasting k-cup possible. Each cup is freshly ground, and filled BY HAND; The best tea is all we use; We resolutely believe that tea should be ground, and consumed as quickly as possible. We are committed to bring you the freshest and most unique gourmet teas available today. This product is not affiliated with Keurig Incorporated. K-cup/ Keurig are registered trademarks of Green Mountain Coffee.

Appletree Design Lady Lux Teapot, 4-Inch

Appletree Design Lady Lux Teapot, 4-Inch Appletree Design is noted for its collection of whimsical and colorful ceramic kitchen related items. Functional …