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Fitz-All Set of 2 Replacement Appliance Knobs

Fitz-All Replacement Appliance Knob are designed to fit all types of appliances using rotary control knobs. They fit all shafts up to 1/4 inch diameter including round, half-round or inchD inchshape, square, triangular, slotted, keyway or other odd shaft designs. Set screws, included, attach the knob to the shaft. Typical uses include replacing knobs on broilers, toasters, air conditioners, slow cookers, TV’s, radios, stereos, coffeemakers, fans, heaters, electric skillets, blenders, food processors, irons, hot plates, deep fat fryers and many others. Heat-generating appliances are no problem since knobs are made of heat-resistant Bakelite/phenolic. Knobs are easy to grip and feature a white indicator line and pointer, so the appliance’s setting can be checked at a glance. Finish is glossy black. Set of two knobs and two set screws.

Fitz-All Set of 2 Replacement Pot Knobs with Finger Guards

Fitz-All Replacement Pot Knobs with Finger Guards add safety while replacing lost or broken cover knobs on pots, pans, cookware. Wide diameter makes them comfortable to grip, while finger guards protect hands from contact with hot pot. Busy cooks can work quickly without fear of burned fingertips. Their size and the finger guards make these knobs suitable for the most demanding applications such as use on heat-generating appliances, wood stoves, etc. Made of heat-resistant Bakelite/phenolic with glossy black finish to complement any cookware. Dishwasher safe. Two knobs, two fingerguards, and two rustproof aluminum screws per set.