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Pour Over Coffee Drip Kettle – Gooseneck Coffee Maker Pot – Brew Coffee or Tea

Any good barista worth their salt will tell you that a gooseneck kettle is essential to brewing a great cup of pour over coffee. Manual brewing is gaining popularity for its relative ease and the superior tasting coffee it produces. With Willow & Everett’s 40 oz. capacity stainless steel gooseneck kettle you don’t have to go to a coffee shop to get that same great taste! The elongated neck of a gooseneck kettle is the only way you can get a slow and controlled flow of water that is critical for proper pour-over brewing. The precise stream of water over your coffee grounds (or tea) is the secret to extracting the most flavor from your beans or tea leaves.

Premium Pour Over Coffee Drip Kettle. 40oz Stainless Steel Kettle with Easy Grip Handle and Gooseneck Spout.

Zcutt Home Goods brushed stainless steel pour over coffee and tea kettle. Holds 40oz and is designed with a gooseneck spout that allows precise control over the flow of water onto the coffee grounds, so that you can adjust the volume, speed, and placement of hot water throughout the brewing process. -Brushed stainless steel kettle–Capacity, 3-4 cups -Gooseneck spout and easy grip handle for slow and precise water flow -Easy to use–heat directly on range, gas, or electric stoves -Design for professional use or home coffee and tea enthusiasts -Dishwasher Safe Why Pour Over Coffee Kettle? When you manually brew your coffee, it’s important to slowly pour in the water. Unlike a regular kettle which will flood in all the water unevenly, a pour over kettle is designed to give you control over the water flow. Having a steady flow of water and maintaining it helps create a more balanced cup of coffee. Order a Zcutt Home Goods Pour Over Coffee Kettle for yourself or as a great gift today. Enjoy Amazon’s fast delivery!

Lenox Holiday Enamel Tea Kettle

Introduced in 1974, the Lenox Holiday pattern became an instant classic, growing in popularity to become the #1 seasonal dinnerware in America. The iconic holly design combines with the legendary quality that only Lenox can offer to create a collection that has transcended generations to help make the most special time of year even more memorable. Best of all, this legendary collection is created by Lenox, America’s first name in home entertaining, known around the world for offering a unique combination of design artistry and superior quality for over 125 years. The confidence that Lenox has in the unmatched durability of every product they offer is backed by a lifetime breakage replacement policy to guarantee many years of enjoyment to each customer. Make sure your holidays are steeped in style with this festive Tea Kettle, crafted of high-quality stainless steel with an enamel coating.

Nostalgia Electrics CCP510 53″ Tall Vintage Collection 6-Ounce Kettle Commercial Popcorn Cart

The Nostalgia Electrics CCP510 Vintage Collection 53″ Old Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Cart will be the hit of every party as the 6-ounce kettle pops up to 16 cups of hot, fresh, kettle cooked popcorn per batch. Providing a vintage look and feel, reminiscent of silent movie houses and carnivals of the early 1900s, the cart is designed for both home and commercial use. It features a large, stainless steel kettle with built-in stirring system and a kernel catcher to keep unpopped kernels out of each perfectly popped batch. A compartment in the base of the unit is available to store supplies, making it easy to keep the cart well stocked and organized. An easy-to-clean design and accessible height makes serving a snap.

Bonavita Dual Voltage 0.5L Travel Electric Kettle

Bonavita’s .05L Dual Voltage Travel Kettle is a true travel companion. This kettle can leave the country and still be useful with it’s 120V – 220V power range. All you need to do is choose the voltage on the bottom of the kettle, make sure you have an adapter (if needed) and get busy making your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

Tea Serving & Glasses Moroccan Serving tea Pot hand made Serving Kettle Large

Hand made tea pot in the region of Fez, Morocco. Traditional tea pot to serve mint tea or any other flavored tea .Goose-neck spout, heat resistant handle, and decorative stands are also some of the notable features that make this Fez Teapot stand out from the rest. Serve 36 oz approximate 6 to 8 tea glasses. For normal cleaning, hot or warm water with household detergent , soft sponge or cloth is adequate . Not recommended for use in dishwasher.

SMAL WK-0816 Temp Programmable Combined Tea Maker and Electric Kettle with Tea Filter Lid, 1.7-Liter

The Quality of SMAL: 1. High quality borosilicate glass is the safest material for electric kettle, as opposed to stainless steel or plastic kettle. Here are 4 advantages of borosilicate glass: (1) Extremely high transparency, high wear resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean. (2) High temperature adaptability, bearable instant temperature difference: -20℃ to 150℃. (3) It is acidproof and alkali-resisting, thus not easy to be eroded or produce impurities. (4) Odor-free guarantees the quality of tea. 2. Exquisite stainless steel tea strainer is capable to filter the tea leaves completely. 3. British STRIX thermostat with accuracy up to 0.01℃, lifespan of 12000 times lifespan which is three times of the normal thermostat, patented in 120 countries, almost 20% of the global population are using STRIX thermostat everyday. 4. 304 stainless steel heating chassis is of high thermal conductivity and stable performance to achieve food-grade safety requirements, which is five times of ordinary stainless steel. 5. Triple power-off protections: dryout protection: immediate power off within 20 seconds after the water boils away , steam protection: immediate power off within 20 seconds after the water boils up, fuse protection: exclusive protection of STRIX thermostat. 6. LED touch control button, fashion and high sensitivity, simple and clear to use. 7. Non-gel seal structure, attached more firmly to ensure no release of harmful substances. 8. Unique fire-retarded plug, safe and secure to use. 9. Detachable base can be placed at any angle, convenient to use. Specifications: Kettle Heating Rate: 4-6 Minutes Power Supply: 120V 60Hz 1500W Package Size: 325x205x260mm GW: 1.9KG Volume: 1.7L Kettle Material: Borosilicate Glass Scale Marked: Calibration Window Heating: Chassis Heating

Hario V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle, 1.2 L

Hario’s V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle is a stunning stainless steel kettle that’s easy to use, and offers a thin spout for easy pouring. Has a generous capacity of 27 ounces of liquid, or roughly 3-4 cups. Works with IH ranges, and gas and electric stoves. Is perfectly compatible with Hario’s V60 Coffee Drippers.

Presto 02704 Heat ‘n Steep Electric Tea Kettle

Heat water and steep tea in this versatile five-cup electric tea kettle. The Heat ‘n Steep heats water to the desired temperature, then utilizes a stainless steel tea infuser to brew your favorite loose leaf or bag tea. The built-in timer and thermometer with color-coded temperature guide assure the correct steeping time and temperature. The temperature guide provides the recommended range of temperatures for brewing green, white, oolong, black and herbal teas. A no-drip spout and sure-grip handle ensure easy pouring. This electric tea kettle is also ideal for quickly heating water to make instant coffee, hot chocolate, gelatin desserts, hot cereals, and instant soups. A special thermostat automatically shuts the kettle off if it boils dry. 120 volts, 60 Hz only