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Gentle Detox Tea K-cup + Reduce Bloating Constipation and Weight Loss Tea + Doctor Recommended + 10 Natural Herbs for Diet + Delicious Cinnamon Citrus Aroma + 12 Kcup Supply + Not Keurig 2 Compatible

CAN OUR DETOX TEA HELP YOU? keywords=detox tea, detox kcup, detox k-cup Customers use Total Tea Gentle Detox to improve their overall digestion performance. ECHINACEA – stimulates the immune system to counter both bacterial and viral infections. Contains anti-inflammatory components GYNOSTEMMA – acts as a scavenger in the stomach and intestines to eliminate waste and toxins from the body. Helps accelerate metabolism by adjusting blood sugar and reducing blood fat PAPAYA – Contains papain and enzyme chemically related to “pepsin” which helps digest protein in the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory PEPPERMINT – Soothes and comforts the stomach, promoting healthy digestion. Helps with the treatment of ulcer conditions of the bowel and intestine CINNAMON – Used to combat microorganisms, diarrhea and other GI disorders, and has anti-oxidant properties HIBISCUS – Used to treat constipation and inflammation GINGER – Relieves indigestion, gas pains, irritation to the intestinal walls, diarrhea, and stomach cramping ROSE HIPS – Beneficial for constipation, infections and bladder problems. Excellent nutritional supplement and helps prevent cold CHAMOMILE – Contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the digestive tract and help relieve pain, indigestion, acidity, gas, gastritis, bloating, colic, ulcers and other inflammatory conditions of the digestive system SENNA – relieves constipation, increases peristalsis & soften stools

Brewooze® Keurig Carafe Kcup – Reusable, Refillable K Cup – Carafe Keurig Coffee Filter Crafted for K500, K400, K300 and K200 Models

Save money, enjoy more coffee and reduce waste with an eco-friendly, reusable Keurig K Cup from Brewooze. There’s nothing like the taste of properly home-brewed coffee. It’s fresh, hot and you get to choose the flavors that you love the most. The problem comes that it can be very expensive to use K Cups for Keurig that are a one-and-done use. Not only that, but it’s a big contributor to our expanding landfill problem all over the world. The Brewooze Carafe K Cup aims to do something about that, by offering coffee lovers a carafe refillable K Cup that brews up to four cups of coffee on a single use. And not only is it reusable, it fits most Keurig 2.0 brewers, including K500, K400, K300 and K200 models. Do yourself a favor and maximize your coffee enjoyment (and your bank account) with a reusable K Cup that has your best interest (and the world’s) at heart. Here are a few additional features: ➢ Reusable Keurig K Cups fits many different models ➢ Reduces waste and saves money ➢ Proper design and fit ensure streamlined brewing ➢ Micromesh stainless steel filter minimizes sediment ➢ Silicone O-Ring ensures a tight, leak-proof seal ➢ Easy to clean ➢ Fits most Keurig 2.0 brewers CLICK “ADD TO CART” ABOVE AND START MAKING DELICIOUS COFFEE IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS WITH AMAZON PRIME!

Brewooze 3x Smart Refillable K-cups – Compatible with Keurig Brewers 2.0 | K300,K350,K400,K450,K500,K550 Series and All 1.0 Brewers – Fits Perfectly Inside Keurig,Cuisinart,Breville and Mr Coffee Machines – Easy to Clean, Reusable K cup -Essential Accessories – Tea kcup Pods

We put delicious, gourmet coffee at your fingertips again and again with reusable K-Cups. It’s no secret that people all over the world love coffee. We have coffee shops on every corner and coffee makers in most every home in the land. And while we do enjoy our Keurig machines, buying K-cup after K-cup is not always an affordable solution. That’s why Brewooze®has created the Smart Reusable K-Cup. IWith the Brewooze® Smart Reusable K-Cups, you can create the freshest, most delicious coffee, without the expense of buying boxes of K-cups that are just a one-time use. Choose from your favorite ground coffee, tea leaves or cocoa selections, and reuse our K-cups over time to keep money in your pocket and garbage out of a landfill. Check out this bargain: ➢ 3x Color smart cups ➢ 1x Water charcoal filter for water purification ➢ Instruction Manual All this for $12.97! Here are a few additional features: ➢ 100% BPA Free ➢ Three piece set ➢ Dynamic water flow ensures smooth brewing ➢ Micromesh stainless steel filter minimizes sediment ➢ Silicone O-Ring ensures a tight, leak-proof seal ➢ Easy to clean and reusable ➢ Fits most any 1.0 or 2.0 brewer ➢ Compatible with Keurig, Cuisinart, Beville, Mr. Coffee and more. GET YOURS TODAY BY CLICKING “ADD TO CART” ABOVE