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Pope Francis Argentina Mate Tea Gourd Straw Bombilla Infuse Herbal Drinking 58

Pope Francis Argentina Herbal Mate Tea Gourd + Bombilla Drinking Kit !! This amazing beverage infusion is drank by the most influential people in the world such as the Pope Francis 1. A traditional South American herbal drink that will keep you healthy and give you many years of life and vitality like Pope Francis who is 76. This kit includes all you need to drink the energy drink called mate. Kit includes 1 mate gourd from the place the pope was born Argentina and 1 bombilla straw This drink is widely known for its health benefits Get yours today ! You will need to “cure” the Mate cup before using it for the first time. This process must be made only once. To cure the Mate cup, please follow these instructions: 1.- Place yerba tea in the “mate gourd cup” 2.- Add warm water to it. 3.- Let rest for 24 to 48 hours. 4.- Remove the yerba, rinse the gourd and gently scrap the soft tissues with a spoon. 5.- The mate gourd cup is now ready to be used. Yerba mate has the following know therapeutically effects 1.- Sustains your energy levels. 2.- Induce mental clarity. 3.- Provide antioxidants. 4.- Boost Immune system. 5.- Improved digestion. 6.- Relieves stress. 7.- Aid weight loss. 8.- Cleanse colon. 9.- Increase longevity.

New Mr.Tea Infuse Loose Tea Leaf Strainer Herbal Spice Filter Diffuser Silicone

A very cute “Mr. Tea” infuser. You can detach the top part of the body from the bottom, fill in with your favorite loose tea, attach it again and let it brew in your favorite cup. Its light weight, durable and made from food-grade silicone, which means its safe to use, easy to wash, and won’t ruin that lovely tea flavor. It is the perfect size to fit comfortably in any mug/cup. Enjoy fresh tea, over and over again. Package Include: 1x Mr Tea Infuser