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GROSCHE Heisenberg Glass Vacuum Syphon Coffee Maker 700 ml

The GROSCHE HEISENBERG Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker How it works The Heisenberg uses a two-chamber vessel, similar to 2 glass carafes on top of one another. Heat water in the lower vessel until heat expansion forces the contents through a narrow tube into the upper vessel that contains your ground coffee. When the lower vessel is empty and sufficient brewing time has elapsed, you remove the heat source. The resulting vacuum when the heat is missing draws the coffee through the strainer into the lower chamber from which it can be decanted. Advantages of Syphon Coffee Making The advantage of a syphon Vacuum is the excellent coffee it produces, which is clean, crisp and smooth compared to other brewers. It is the preferred method of brewing coffee in Japan, where vacuum coffeemakers outsell standard drip models. How To Use a Syphon Coffee Filter Step 1 – Water is Heated to a boil in the base carafe Step 2 – Coffee grounds are prepared and placed in a glass container Step 3 – Insert upper carafe with ground coffee inside Step 4 – The Boiling water will ascend into the upper carafe because of heat expansion Step 5 – Allow water to fully ascend into the upper carafe, and for the coffee to brew, then remove the heat source Step 6 – As the Coffee Maker cools, your coffee will begin to filter back down into the bottom carafe due to gravity and the lack of heat pressure Step 7 – The brewed coffee is finished, and now sits in the base carafe. Remove the upper carafe which contains the spent grounds and pour your coffee from the bottom carafe Warranty Please contact Rizpresso through Amazon for questions or concerns. Contact the Manufacturer or visit their website for replacement parts or any quality or coffee making questions.