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Thirst Friend Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop Clip

•Do you want the freedom to enjoy high quality coffee whenever and wherever you please? •Want a PREMIUM GRINDER that is easy to use, gets great results and won’t break the bank? Then look no further. Thirst Friend’s TF-02 Coffee Grinder is just what you need. Why waste money on an expensive electrical grinder when you can have our high quality grinder at a fraction of the cost? The TF-02 is lightweight and easy to carry which means you can use it anywhere,giving you maximum value for money. We’ve also included a *FREE* bonus accessory for all our customers. The Coffee Scoop Clip makes pouring and measuring your beans hassle-free. It has the added function of sealing your coffee bean bag shut to give you fresher and longer lasting beans too, meaning more great tasting cups of coffee. It’s sleek stainless steel design is easy to grip and prevents the static build up that occurs in plastic coffee grinders. It contains a ceramic conical burr which makes the ground coffee it produces even and consistent so it tastes better. It is adjustable and can create fine to coarse grounds suitable for multiple brewing methods including French Press, Espresso, Pour Over, Italian Coffee Maker and Turkish. We also offer an unbeatable *LIFETIME GUARANTEE* for all our customers. So what are you waiting for? INVEST IN THE BEST, click ADD TO CART now!