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Royal Masala Chai by Ghograjan Tea Estate – Fresh Spiced Blends Direct From Assam India Plantation (2.5 oz) (50 Servings)

Our Royal Masala Chai has been expertly handpicked and artfully combined with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves. Our traditional blend kick starts your day and boosts your mood. Best enjoyed with milk, it’s a perfect choice for breakfast. Ghograjan Tea Estate is a 5th generation family run estate in the renowned tea belt of Upper Assam. Its history dates back to the early 1930’s, when the estate was planted near the ‘Ghogra River’. The local word for river is ‘Jan’, hence ‘Ghogra-Jan’ came into existence . The plantation is renowned for growing some of the most revered black teas in Assam.

2nd Flush Darjeeling Black Tea-Loose Leaf, Organic and Fair Trade From the Singbulli Estate in Himalayas. Rich in Anti-Oxidants and Minerals- Perfect for Gifting or Sharing with Loved Ones (3.53 Oz)

Introducing Darjeeling Second Flush Tea – The Nature’s Delicious Dark Liquid That Will Amaze Your Tastebuds Let me ask you a few short questions: •Do you enjoy drinking tea in the morning or any other time during the day? •Would you like to drink a fascinating tea with unique flavor, that’s beyond everything you have ever tasted? If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then Singbulli Special Darjeeling Black Tea is a must buy for you! Singbulli is known to produce world famous muscatel rich teas of the clonal grade. This Darjeeling estate is located at an altitude ranging from 400 to 1350 meters and is spread beautifully across nine hills. With over 500 hectares under plantation, Singbulli manufactures some of the best Darjeeling teas for which it is sought after by connoisseurs for decades now. Would You Miss This Chance To Taste One Of The Most Unique Tea Flavors On Earth? The unique muscatel flavor of Darjeeling second flush tea along with its incredible aroma will make this tea your new favorite beverage! Add these to the mouthwatering taste of Darjeeling’s black tea and you are going to drink it every day! Click on “Add to cart” to buy now!