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Quicka Egg Shaped Double Wall Espresso Glasses Mug 12oz Heat Insulated Beverage Glass with Infuser Transparent Drinking Tea Coffee Cups Set with Lid and Filter

Announcing the Tea For One Glass Tea Infuser from Immortalitea Finally a simple yet elegant way to brew a cup of tea for just one person. Our 10 ounce Tea For One tea infuser is the perfect size for one person. It’s made from hand-blown FDA approved borosilicate glass. The double walled design is elegant and practical. The space between the glass insulates your beverage keeping it warm up to 3 times longer than a single walled design and protects your hand from the heat of the beverage inside. Clearly Better Watching the delicate leaves open up and release their goodness is part of the tea connoisseur experience. Our crystal clear glass design ensures you don’t miss this part of the experience. Elegant yet practical This elegant design anticipates and eliminates the hassles. The easy lift-out glass infuser allows you to use the same leaves for multiple steepings and the glass lid does double duty. Turn it upside down after brewing and it makes a handy mess-free place to store the infuser between steepings.

Yerba Supply Yerba Mate Tea Bombilla Gourd Drinking Straws Filtered Gold, 2 Count

Yerba supply’s yerba mate stainless steel bombilla drinking straw. Quality: yerba supply’s bombilla has stood the test of time. Mate is an artisanal tea that deserves artisanal accessories. We’ve tested several different models and selected the best of the best. This straw is made from stainless steel, and will not clog. Using our bombilla. New drinkers have a tendency to stir their yerba mate you should never stir your yerba mate tea with your bombilla, as this will create a clog for any straw and you will ingest the tea particles. Design: our design process revolves around simplicity, functionality, and sustainability.

Circleware Oasis Bedside Carafe and Glass Set, One 36 Ounce Glass Pitcher and 8 Ounce Drinking Glass, Limited Edition Glassware Drinkware

Circle Glass was formed with the sole mission of providing classic, contemporary glass pieces of the highest quality, Circleware Manufactures All types of Glass Serveware, Drinkware, Barware, Ranging from Glass Beverage/Drink dispensers with stand or without, Water Dispensers, Glass drinking glasses, coffee cups, wine glasses, glass tupperware, glass jars, glass containers, Shot glasses, Mason jars, Mason Mugs, Yorkshire Mason jar mugs, Mini Mugs with shaped ball mason jar glass lids or with metal lids, the famous Circleware Country Mini Mug Glass Shot Glasses With Glass handles And Wooden Tray, colored mason jars, glass lids, cups with lids and straws, glass jars, beverage cooler, food storage containers, tea infuser, coffee mug, drinking games sets, drink shaker/mixer, mason jars with handles, candy jars, Butter dishes, chalkboard glasses, Olive oil bottles, Wine decanters, water bottles, water drink carafes, whiskey glasses, Double beverage dispensers, milk bottles, beer glasses, oil and vinegar bottles, Moscow mule copper mugs, spigot, glass mugs, pitchers, fruit infuser, drinking cups, tea dispenser, pilsner drinking glasses, butter dish, dishes, glass sets, mason glass jar sets with lids, ice buckets, glass pitchers and many more. Circleware is sold by all major nationwide retailers and have the best selling glassware on their best sellers glassware list, They are the most trusted brand in glassware that delivers the highest quality glass at the best prices. Style and value to all segments of the North American market, both retail and commercial. We aim to be the primary resource of the world’s most ‘value-able’ glassware reflective of centuries-old, hand-crafted, artistic European and Mediterranean styling while utilizing the most up-to-date technology from leading factories around the globe. Our collection is updated continuously so that we may bring our customers what we consider to be the finest collection of glassware available today

KENKO – Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder – 1st Harvest – Special Drinking Blend for Top Flavor – Best Tasting Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea Powder – Japanese -30g [1oz]

THE HOTTEST FOOD AND HEALTH TREND OF 2015 – JAPANESE MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER! Kenko Tea Japanese green tea matcha is grown in the Nishio region of Japan. Known for the ideal climate to harvest the best Matcha Green Tea Powder.< Matcha For Your Health # Specially Blended for the BEST TASTING Matha # 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea # Increased energy without caffeine Jitters # Boosts metabolism, improves focus and clarity # Best green tea fat burner for weight loss # One serving of Kenko Matcha Tea Powder is equivalent to 10 glasses of regular green tea # High in EGCGs Fiber, Chlorophyll, amino acids, Green Tea Flavanoids #Superior to Green Tea Extract Powders or Green Tea Suplements because you consume the ENTIRE tea leaf# Use as a natural Detox tea, Herbal slimming tea or a Weight loss green tea Kenko Matcha Green Tea Powder Features: # 100% First Harvest Japanese Matcha Tea # Heavy Metal + Pesticide Free # Non GMO # Vegan Friendly # Gluten Free # Kosher Matcha Cooking & Recipe Ideas How do you do matcha? DoMatcha green tea your own way! Add to Green Tea Smoothies, make a starbucks matcha green tea latte! Delicious matcha cakes and sweet matcha green tea ice cream, matcha chocolate or even matcha cupcakes! Drink as a tea, Matcha Tea Smoothies, or green tea protein shakes. *Hassle Free 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee*  Not Satisfied? Let us know and we will gladly refund your money in full 🙂

Coastal Tea Company® Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder for Drinking, Organic Ceremonial Grade, 1.75 Ounce

Japanese matcha green tea powder is arguably the healthiest tea in the world. It has been a staple of Japanese culture for over 1000 years, and we’ve made it our goal to bring the quality of true Japanese matcha tea to the USA for a reasonable price. Coastal Tea Company ceremonial matcha green tea powder is a premium certified organic Japanese green tea powder grown in Uji in Kyoto. It is a stone ground green tea powder made from shade grown Tencha tea leaves picked during the first harvest. Uji matcha tea powder has a naturally sweet and creamy taste. Our 100% all natural matcha green tea powder has no added ingredients or sweeteners. Japanese matcha green tea powder is widely known as the best in the world in quality. Benefits Matcha powder has many health benefits. ✔ Burn calories, boost metabolism and promote weight loss naturally ✔ Detoxify naturally with high levels of EGCG catechin antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins and fiber ✔ Theanine enhances mood, aids in concentration, and reduces stress ✔ Rich in vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium ✔ Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar Certifications Our organic matcha powder has been tested and certified by the following worldwide organizations. ✔ USDA (American) ✔ EU (European) ✔ JONA (International) ✔ JAS (Japanese) ✔ KOSHER ✔ Vegan Uses Organic green tea powder has many great uses including: ✔ Cooking and baking matcha desserts including cupcakes, brownies, cakes and more ✔ Matcha recipes including lattes, drinks, frappes and smoothies

Pope Francis Argentina Mate Tea Gourd Straw Bombilla Infuse Herbal Drinking 58

Pope Francis Argentina Herbal Mate Tea Gourd + Bombilla Drinking Kit !! This amazing beverage infusion is drank by the most influential people in the world such as the Pope Francis 1. A traditional South American herbal drink that will keep you healthy and give you many years of life and vitality like Pope Francis who is 76. This kit includes all you need to drink the energy drink called mate. Kit includes 1 mate gourd from the place the pope was born Argentina and 1 bombilla straw This drink is widely known for its health benefits Get yours today ! You will need to “cure” the Mate cup before using it for the first time. This process must be made only once. To cure the Mate cup, please follow these instructions: 1.- Place yerba tea in the “mate gourd cup” 2.- Add warm water to it. 3.- Let rest for 24 to 48 hours. 4.- Remove the yerba, rinse the gourd and gently scrap the soft tissues with a spoon. 5.- The mate gourd cup is now ready to be used. Yerba mate has the following know therapeutically effects 1.- Sustains your energy levels. 2.- Induce mental clarity. 3.- Provide antioxidants. 4.- Boost Immune system. 5.- Improved digestion. 6.- Relieves stress. 7.- Aid weight loss. 8.- Cleanse colon. 9.- Increase longevity.

Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Cup From Infinite Tea, the Equilibrium Borosilicate Glass Mug Is a Perfect Tea Maker with Stylish Design, Easy to Use, Easy to Clean, Upgrade Your Tea Drinking Experience Now!

Your search for the perfect tea maker is finally over. When you purchase Infinite Tea’s Equilibrium Tea Mug today here’s what you should do… When that cute little brown box from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open the first chance you get. You see before you a 16oz tea mug and infuser made of pure, heat resistant borosilicate glass with a food grade, stainless steel lid. Now open the box, remove the cup from the bubble wrap and hand clean once before use. Grab your favorite loose leaf tea and place your tea leaves into the infuser. Pour 16oz of water at your choice of temperature into the cup, set the stainless steel lid on top. As you eagerly await your tea to steep, notice how the translucent glass infuser allows you to view your favorite tea leaves blossom. When your tea is ready, flip over your stainless steel lid and use it as a coaster for the glass infuser. What separates the Equilibrium Tea Mug from the competition? It’s simple really. It starts with the borosilicate glass, which is made by adding boric oxide to the traditional glassmaker’s frit of silica sand, soda, ground lime. The chemical resistance of borosilicate glass ensures that you are drinking your tea, and only your tea, unlike some plastic drink-ware that can leech chemicals into your hot drink. It’s because of this that we’re able to make a guarantee unlike any other you’ve seen for tea brewers. It’s our better than money back guarantee and here it is… If at any time within the next year that you are unsatisfied with our Infinite Tea Mug, we’ll reimburse your purchase price no questions asked. And you can keep the mug. That’s how confident we are that you will love the Equilibrium Tea Mug. So order now and when you do consider getting two… one for you and one for your very best friend.

The Book of Herbal Teas: A Guide to Gathering, Brewing, and Drinking

Soothing chamomile. Refreshing peppermint. Tangy rose hips. Prized since ancient times for their medicinal properties, herbal teasÑmellow, flavorful, and aromaticÑare enjoying a modern renaissance. The Book of Herbal Teas presents lovingly detailed profiles of 40 popular herbs and spices for making tea, complete with everything tea lovers need to know to grow, gather, blend, and brew them at home. Here, too, are tips on how to use their gentle healing powers to brighten a mood, ease a cold or flu, or bring deep, relaxing sleep. Suffused with a fascinating blend of history and lore and illustrated with lovely photographs, this charming and comprehensive volume offers a refreshing new take on enjoying favorite herbal teas to the fullest.

NEW Instant Coffee Nescafe Red Cup Drinking – Original 200 Gram Made in Thailand

Brand : NESCAFE Product Size : 200 gram for make 100 cup of coffee Condition : Brand new & Never used with a seal pack Brand : NESCAFE Product Size : 200 gram for make 100 cup of coffee Condition : Brand new & Never used with a seal pack How to use : 1. Tear & pour 1-2 tea spoon instant premix powder into the cup 2 . Simply put a small amount of HOT water into the cup 130 ml. 3. Stir it until it has been completely melted 4. Serve in a cup/mug or glass (with some cookies is very yummy!) 5. Add some milk upon your needs………..AND ENJOY!

The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide

Whether it’s a delicate green tea or a bracing Assam black, a cup of tea is a complex brew of art and industry, tradition and revolution, East and West. In this sweeping tour through the world of tea, veteran tea traders Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss chronicle tea’s influence across the globe and provide a complete reference for choosing, drinking, and enjoying this beverage.THE STORY OF TEA begins with a journey along the tea trail, from the lush forests of China, where tea cultivation first flourished, to the Buddhist temples of Japan, to the vast tea gardens of India, and beyond. Offering an insider’­s view of all aspects of tea trade, the Heisses examine Camellia sinensis, the tea bush, and show how subtle differences in territory and production contribute to the diversity of color, flavor, and quality in brewed tea. They profile more than thirty essential tea varietals, provide an in depth guide to tasting and brewing, and survey the customs and crafts associated with tea. Sharing the latest research, they discuss tea’s health benefits and developments in organic production and fair trade practices. Finally, they present ten sweet and savory recipes, including Savory Chinese Marbled Eggs and Green Tea Pot de Creme, and resources for purchasing fine tea.Vividly illustrated throughout, THE STORY OF TEA is an engrossing tribute to the illustrious, invigorating, and elusive leaf that has sustained and inspired people for more than two thousand years.

19 Lessons On Tea: Become an Expert on Buying, Brewing, and Drinking the Best Tea

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Tea The world of premium quality tea is every bit as complex and fascinating as wine, and 19 Lessons On Tea is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about this healthy and flavorful daily indulgence. Are you interested in learning about tea but don’t know where to start? Do you want to impress your friends or business associates with your knowledge? Have you been drinking tea for a while but want to round out your knowledge or become a true connoisseur? …or do you simply want to walk into your local tea shop and know enough to order something you’ll enjoy? Read this book and in a few hours and you’ll be set for all this and more. Novice Or Pro, You’ll Benefit From This Book If you’re new to tea, we guarantee you’ll walk away from our lessons feeling confident enough to talk tea with the most experienced tea experts. You will gain immediate fundamental knowledge of purchasing, brewing, and consuming the best teas as you read through each lesson. If you’re already knowledgeable about tea, you’ll still pick up a few new bits of information along the way. 19 Lessons on Tea is a comprehensive tea guide that will help you gain a thorough understanding of the drink. This book primarily covers premium loose leaf tea served hot, but provides information on all major styles of tea. These Lessons Cover The Many Facets Of The World Of Tea Green, black, white, herbal, oolong, and pu-erh teas. Teapots and important tea accessories and equipment. How tea can fit into your daily routine in a way that will help improve your health. Popular specialty tea variations and blends such as Kombucha, Chai, Earl Grey, breakfast teas, bubble tea, and blooming teas. Tea culture and traditions from around the world. How to correctly pair tea with food. …and much more! Plus, This Book Answers Many Important Questions That Every Tea Drinker Should Know Which teas have the most caffeine and how can you quickly decaffeinate any tea? What teas should you never add milk, honey, or lemon to? And which benefit most from these additions? How can excellent quality loose leaf tea actually be cheaper than lower quality tea bags? How long should you brew each type for the best flavor? Which country in Europe consumes the most tea per person? (hint: probably not who you think!) This book is a collaboration by people with an true interest in tea, allowing you to learn not only the tea basics but the ultimate insider approach to picking your teas based on more than a name on the box. And as you progress in your knowledge of tea, you will be able to quickly and easily refer back to this book as a quick reference guide. Grab your copy of 19 Lessons On Tea today!

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee: Growing, Roasting, and Drinking, with Recipes

One of the country’s most celebrated roasters explains how to choose, brew, and enjoy the new breed of artisan coffees at home, along with 40 inventive recipes that incorporate coffee or taste good with a cup.Coffee is experiencing a renaissance and Blue Bottle Coffee Company has quickly become one of America’s most celebrated roasters. Famous for its complex and flavorful coffees, Blue Bottle delights its devoted patrons with exquisite pour-overs, delicious espressi, and specialized brewing methods. Yet as coffee production becomes more sophisticated with specialized extraction techniques and Japanese coffee gadgets, the new artisan coffees can seem out of reach. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee explains this newworld from farm to cup, exploring the bounty of beans available and the intricate steps that go into sourcing raw coffee from around the globe. Blue Bottle founder James Freeman coaches you through brewing the perfect cup ofcoffee, using methods as diverse as French press, nel drip, siphon, and more to produce the best flavor. For coffee lovers who want to roll up their sleeves and go deeper, Freeman explains step by step how to roast beans at home using standard kitchen tools—just like he did when starting out. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee also introduces a home technique for cupping, the industry method of tasting coffees for quality control, so you can hone your taste and share your meticulously roasted coffee with friends. Rounding out the book are more than thirty inventive recipes from Blue Bottle pastry chef and former Miette bakery owner Caitlin Freeman thatincorporate coffee or just taste particularly good with coffee, such as Saffron Vanilla Snickerdoodles, Stout Coffee Cake with Pecan-Caraway Streusel, Affogato with Smoky Almond Ice Cream, Coffee Panna Cotta, and more. With more than one hundred stunning photographs showing coffee’s journey from just-harvested cherry to perfect drink, this distinctive and deep guide to the new breed of amazing coffees from one of the top artisan coffee makers will change the way you think about—and drink—coffee.