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Physique Tea Jade Fusion Melon Cucumber- 15 Sachets, Aids Weight Loss Detox and Digestion

Designed to be the ultimate diet support, Jade Fusion is packed with natural ingredients known to suppress appetite, tame cravings, boost metabolism and inhibit carb absorption. Achieve your outstanding weight-loss goals with a daily cup of our signature diet aid fusion. High-mountain, Alishan tea provides the energizing, metabolic boosting base of our slimming tea and supports appetite control. Adding the potent combination of Guava leaf and Garcinia Cambogia optimizes carb and sugar digestion helping to prevent the body’s creation of new fat deposits. Produced in a facility that is FDA, GMP, ISO 20002, HACCP, KOSHER certified.

Tazo Cucumber White 20 Bags

Tazo Cucumber White 20 Bags White Tea-Cucumber by Tazo Teas 20 Bag White Tea-Cucumber 20 Bag A Replenshing blend of delicate White …