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Pretty Funny Tea Cosies: & Other Beautiful Knitted Things

The Queen of the Tea Cosies is back to show knitters how to turn the conventional tea cosy into a piece of art Loani Prior, tea cosy knitter extraordinaire, is back with more of her fabulously outrageous creations. This book contains 25 knitted cosies and other pretty things, with the focus on the pretty: flowers, leaves, fruit, loopy stitches, and beautifully knitted and woven fabric. Including basic stitches, techniques, and patterns, this collection is a must-have for knitters and crafters and anyone who has ever wanted to have a Japanese Doll tea cosy or Tibetan Tea Warrior tea cosy. Other projects include fancy coat hanger covers, Tutti Frutti Ears (“Please do wear any of the fruit dangling from your ears but only if you are old and eccentric and used to being seen out and about in unusual attire”), potholders, and Double Knit Neck Warmer with Woven Windows. Includes dual measures.

Tea Cosies

Fancy a pot of tea? Here is a delightful collection of unique, easy-to-make handmade tea cosies to cheer every table. Tea Cosies

How Tea Cosies Changed the World

Be drawn into a world of creative passion with the vibrant designs featured in this follow-up to Really Wild Tea CosiesLoani Prior’s outrageous imagination has produced 24 new designs that transform the conventional tea cosy into a knitted piece of art. New tea designs include Lily of the Valley, Devilish, Spotted Gourd, Betty the Burlesque Dancer, Forest Bloom, and Starry Night. It’s not just about tea cosies though—readers can use the easy-to-follow instructions and try their hand at Loani’s knitted purse, or expand their skills with the double-knitted scarf. Full of humor, flair, and creativity, this book will delight and inspire adventurous knitters.