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Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder by Coastline High Quality. Hand Crank Coffee Grinder for Espresso Coffee Bean

Why the Manual Coffee Grinder? The ability to grind coffee beans by pressing a button is indeed convenient, but is it really the best method? The question will polarize some: convenience over tradition; speed versus pleasure. If the end product – the cup of coffee – is the goal, the importance of the bean is often the primary concern. However, poorly ground beans will greatly affect the taste of the coffee. To sum it up: good beans deserve a good grind. Coastline is proud to present our manual ceramic burr grinder. Giving coffee lovers more control over the grind while producing a more uniform size, the fully adjustable hand-cranked coffee mill will provide the perfect grind for your preferred brewing method. The grinder features dual ceramic conical burrs for precision grinding without producing the heat that can remove coffee’s delicate benefits. You are one click away from holding in your hands a tool that will give a fine coffee bean the respect it deserves. Happy brewing! For a great cup of coffee, use with our Coastline Clever Dripper or French Press.

Clever Coffee Dripper by CoastLine, Large

CoastLine CLEVER COFFEE DRIPPER: YOUR FRENCH PRESS AND DRIP COFFEE BREWER, ALL IN ONE Are you tired of the effort and time needed to clean your French Press? Not satisfied with coffee your drip coffee maker makes? Were proud to introduce you to the CoastLine Clever Coffee Dripper, the very best coffee dripper ever! Pairing the functionality of a French Press with the convenience of a drip brewer, this coffee dripper employs the same brewing mechanism as the first, and allows for easy coffee dripping right in your cup, just like the latter. Fashioned with BPA-free Eastman tritan plastic, this clever coffee dripper is absolutely safe to use and highly durable, offering a long-lasting performance that cannot be beat. The shut-off valve holds the coffee until the brewing process is complete to prevent coffee grounds from popping into your drink. Now you can stir in as much sugar, milk or syrups as you want without the grounds coming to the surface and making your coffee undrinkable! At the same time, the CoastLine Clever Coffee Dripper is extremely versatile, and it fits the cups and thermoses with tops measuring between 1.5î and 3.75î. It works just great with any size of grind, from pre-grind to your own grind, coarse, drip & more. As a plus, cleaning is a breeze: just dispose of the used grounds/filter, gently scrub the cone with water and a brush or sponge to prevent ground buildup, rinse and your done! Top 5 reasons to choose Clever: • Combines the features of a French Press and drip brewer. • Made from BPA-free tritan plastic. • Holds coffee until brewing process is complete; no more grounds! • Fits cups with tops measuring between 1.5″ and 3.75″. • Easy cleanup. Do yourself a favor and get the CoastLine Clever Coffee Dripper NOW! Click the ìAdd to Cart button to order today!