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Kelvin Chen Pink Bunny Rabbit Hopping Through Sunflowers Decorative Enamel Teapot

This sweet ENAMEL TEAPOT features a little PALE PINK BUNNY RABBIT hopping next to a white picket fence admid big Yellow Sunflowers! This very cheerful teapot has a medium turquoise green handle, spout and lid (removable). The design is identical on the reverse side and we’re showing you the handle and spout views. These are made of hand painted enamel over copper. The laborious 23 processes used to create these is what gives the enamel it’s luminous, shiny quality. Each are signed and numbered by the artisan who painted them and only a limited number are made, thus making them very collectible and sought after. These are from the original designs of artist Kelvin Chen. Removable lid. Measures 3″ high x 5″ wide. They come in a sturdy green keepsake box with certificate of authenticity. Decorative use only.