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Organic Ceremonial Matcha (Emerald Class 100g) Chef’s Choice Quality Japanese Matcha Powder For Beverages, Baking and Beginner Brew, Kosher, Vegan, USDA

Midori Spring’s Ceremonial Emerald Class Matcha is rich, smooth and creamy with a hint of sweetness when brewed traditionally. This premium product is Ceremonial Grade and is Organic (USDA, JAS) and Kosher (OU) Certified. We carefully select the raw material from our tea gardens mostly from Aichi and Kagoshima in Japan and maintain the highest standards in production. Our Matcha has a fresh, sweet, green-vegetable-like aroma. The colour is a vibrant green. Only Ceremonial Grade Matcha encompass these features. You can enjoy Midori Spring’s Ceremonial Emerald Matcha as a tea brew or use it in – baked goods, raw treats, smoothies, yogurt, ice cream, or create your own Matcha inspired recipe. Whichever style you choose to have your Matcha, you can experience the many health benefits it has to offer since Matcha is a Superfood. There are many immediate and long term health benefits when consuming Matcha, which include: increase in energy without the jitters, reduce stress and improve mental alertness, improve metabolism and help with weight loss, boost immune system and reduce inflammation and help the body cleanse of harmful elements. Give back to your health and embrace the power of Matcha.

Jade Leaf – Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder, Premium Culinary Grade (Preferred By Chefs and Cafes for Blending & Baking) – [30g starter size]

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What grade of matcha is this, and how do I use it? This is a premium “culinary grade” matcha, preferred by restaurant chefs and cafes for blending into smoothies, lattes, baked goods, and other dishes. What’s the difference between Culinary and Ceremonial grades? Simple: Culinary grade is meant for mixing into recipes as an ingredient, while Ceremonial grade is meant to be prepared traditionally as a tea (just mixed with hot water and whisked). Culinary grade is more affordable for day to day use, making it easy to fit the health benefits of Matcha into your diet. Does it contain caffeine? Yes, each half-teaspoon (1g) serving contains roughly 34mg of caffeine, about 1/3 a cup of coffee. However, Matcha also contains L-Theanine, which has a calming and leveling affect, so it doesn’t make you feel jittery or wired like coffee does. What are other health benefits? – Boosts metabolism and helps burns calories – Calms and relaxes you from stress or anxiety – Rich in antioxidants (137x the amount in conventional green tea!) Are there other use cases for Culinary Matcha? Yes! Many of our customers make a healthy facial mask using our Culinary Grade, by mixing it with just a bit of water to form a paste. Where does this Matcha come from? Our Matcha is grown by Nagata Chaen, a single estate, organically focused family farm near the city of Uji in Kyoto, Japan. What if I don’t like it? If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just email us and we’ll refund your order in full, no questions asked.

Chef’s Star Supreme Manual Coffee Grinder

Chef’s Star Supreme Manual Coffee Grinder This manual coffee grinder is specifically designed to provide coffee lovers with an inexpensive means for a freshly brewed cup of coffee. By manually grinding your coffee beans right before brewing you can have the freshest possible cup of coffee anytime. Has a non slip base so it wont slide when your grinding and a glass storage container with an airtight lid. Plus it’s easy to use and easy to maintain. Simply add as many beans as you want to grind and easily turn the handle to grind your coffee beans. Any left over grounds can be saved for later in the glass storage container. Most ideal for anyone wanting that perfect cup of brewed coffee right at home or in the office. And because it’s small and lightweight, it’s completely portable so you can take it along wherever you go.

Chef’s Star French Press ~ Best Espresso Coffee Maker – 8 Cup – Pyrex Heat Resistant Glass – Chrome Finish -Triple Screen Filter + Bonus 2 Extra Screen Filters!

What is the worst coffee drinking exprience that you can think of? How about getting coffee grounds in your mouth?! That experience is a thing of the past with the Chef’s Star French Press! It’s time to enjoy the best tasting coffee of your life! Features: – Brews 1 Liter (8 Cups / 4 coffee mugs / 34 oz.) – Heat Resistant Pyrex Glass – Double Screen Filter System – No more GROUNDS in your coffee – 304 Stainless Steel Plunger – Stainless Steel Mesh Lid – Chrome plating finish – Can be used for coffee or tea – 2 BONUS Screen Filters ($25 Value!)

Chef’s Star Functional Infuser Tea Maker – Premium Stainless Steel Tea Infuser – Heat Resistant Glass

Chef’s Star Functional Infuser Tea Maker – Stainless Steel Infuser – Heat Resistant Glass There is nothing quite like a perfect cup of hot tea to relax with. Using our Chef’s Star high quality heat resistant Tea Pot and Infuser you can make that great cup of tea every single time. Directions: – Place your preferred tea leaves in the BPA free filter/infuser – Pour in boiling water – Gently press down the plunger – At this point, the brewing process has stopped and you are left with the perfect cup of tea! The sleek design makes it a eye catcher when you serve your guests and leave on the table. Excellent gift idea for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and more! Features: (600 ml / 0.6 Liter / 4 Cups / 20 oz.) Capacity Premium heat resistant glass 304 stainless steel infuser Easy to use – Easy to Clean Perfect for any kind of tea – Also suitable for use with traditional tea bags.

Chef’s Star Premium 34OZ Coffee Press & 2 Cups Set- Coffee and Espresso Maker w/ Stainless Steel Plunger & Heat Resistant Glass

Chef’s Star Premium Coffee Press and Cups Set Looking for the perfect cup of coffee to start your day of right? Look no further. This Chef’s Star Premium Coffee Press will brew the perfect cup every time. With it’s unique double screens press you can be sure that there are no more grounds in your coffee. This easy French Coffee Press system makes it simple to brew a superior cup of coffee. Plus with this innovative brewing method You will never need to spend more money on extra filters like you would for other coffee makers. With just ground coffee and water you can make hundreds of cups of coffee without needing any more supplies. And no paper filter means no waste. Plus the coffee bean’s essential oils will instead go directly to your cup, delivering the flavor that is otherwise lost on paper filters. Innovative design ensures NO plastic will ever touch your coffee The Chef’s Star Coffee Press is made of highest quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The heat resistant materials of glass and stainless steel are completely taste-free so nothing comes between you and your ground coffee beans. Comes with two heat resistant coffee cups as well for the perfect serving set. Premium Coffee Press makes it so easy to make a great coffee. All you need is coffee, water, wait and enjoy. Just measure one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee per 4-ounce cup and add to the carafe then pour in the hot water, wait a few minutes for it to brew, and slowly press down the plunger. Then sit back and take in the great aroma and thoroughly enjoy a cup of rich and bold coffee. With it’s 34 oz, 8 cup capacity and attractive carafe design and matching cups, this premium press is great for table top serving and dinner parties. Whats in the box Coffee Press 2 Coffee Cups