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High End Yixing Zisha Purple Clay Tea Pot Dragon Teapot Large Capacity 400ml

Product introduction: The purple clay tea pot has dense and hard quality which is made from the natural raw ore red mud. Its fire degrees into pottery are between 1100-1200 degrees Celsius, non-absorbent, sound thick and rhyme long. It is cold-resistant and hot-resistant, without tea cooked flavored, can keep the real aroma. With heat transferring slowly, it does not easily scald hands. Use it stewed tea, also won’t burst. Warm tips : the preparation of the first use of purple clay tea pot Before use the tea pot, we should wash the tea pot inside and outside, then use the lower grade tea infuse the purple clay tea pot, put the tea in the tea pot about 1/3, then add the boiled water, stay one day or half day, pour off the water, repeat the action 3 or more than three times, which is good to the daily care of purple clay tea pot. Meanwhile, it is suggested using the same tea water to take care the pot. After wash the tea pot, recover the lid and put back. Ensure the total dryness of tea pot, cover the lid. If you cover the lid when it is not totally dry, the tea pot will be smelly. After using, must ensure the cleanness and dryness of tea pot both inside and outside. Remember do not use cleanser essence or any chemical to wash the tea pot, otherwise the tea flavor will be removed, and the surface will tarnish. Please note: All weights and dimensions are approximate.

**MARCH MADNESS SALE!** Premium Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder. Large 100g Capacity Coffee Mill. For Espresso, Pour Over, French Press, and Turkish Coffee Brewing.

Premium Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder ➤ Get the freshest grind possible by manually grinding your own coffee beans. ➤ Convenient, portable, durable design that is just the right size: 100g. ➤ Store remaining grounds in the container with the sealing cap. Ready for the next use. ➤ Included product guide (in English) will give insight to care and operating instructions, working capacity, and other helpful hints. ➤ All parts are washable. ➤ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, Simple Kitchen will replace your product in the unlikely event of a complication. We create premium products and back them up with our premium warranty. ORDER YOUR SET TODAY, RISK FREE! Why the Manual Grind? The ability to grind coffee beans by pressing a button is indeed convenient, but is it really the best method? The question will polarize some: convenience over tradition; speed versus pleasure. If the end product – the cup of coffee – is the goal, the importance of the bean is often the primary concern. However, poorly ground beans will greatly affect the taste of the coffee. To sum it up: good beans deserve a good grind. Simple Kitchen is proud to present our manual ceramic burr grinder. Giving coffee lovers more control over the grind while producing a more uniform size, the fully adjustable hand-cranked coffee mill will provide the perfect grind for your preferred brewing method. The grinder features dual ceramic conical burrs for precision grinding without producing the heat that can remove coffee’s delicate benefits. You are one click away from holding in your hands a tool that will give a fine coffee bean the respect it deserves. Happy brewing! For best results, use the Simple Kitchen Products Pour Over Drip Kettle.

Hiware 100 Oz Water Pitcher, Large Capacity Water Jug with Lid, Transparent Plastic Cold Water Pot, Water Carafe, Iced Tea, Juice, Beverage Pitcher

If you’re looking for a large capacity water pitcher that you can take out of the refrigerator and put right on your table, this is it. Have you been waiting an chance to send a special gift to your relatives or friends? Yes, this water pitcher is the best special gift to send, definitely can give she (he) a big surprise. This pitcher is made of food grade PP, It can be used to hold hot water as the plastic jug can withstand as high as 100 degree. This water pitcher provides a very smooth way to pour water or beverage drinking. It’s very useful for a family to use, it’s also a great gift for oneself, or someone who needs some very functional tools – even if they already have some similar items.

GForce GF-P1479-967 Luxury Stainless Steel Coffee Maker and Hot Water Urn 8.8 Liter 60 Cups Capacity

The GF-P1479-967 by GForce is that perfect coffee urn you have always been looking for. It has the capacity of 8.8 Liters which yields approximately 60 cups of hot liquids. The luxurious urn is designed with an energy saving insulated dual wall that holds heat in and has built in boil dry protection. This beautiful aluminum made urn can be used in your office, home kitchen or even at your next event.

Dual Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker | Double Mesh Filter Brews Gourmet Coffee or Tea | All Steel Construction Resists Wear & Looks Great | 34 Ounce Capacity

Leave it to the French to create a process that perfects coffee-drinking! K-Cups & drip coffee makers don’t hold a candle to the premium quality you’ll taste in every sip of freshly brewed coffee prepared in this DISTINCTIVELY ATTRACTIVE FRENCH PRESS. Truly a gourmet experience, this top-quality press works with fresh coffee grounds which are steeped then pressed for more true coffee flavor. The ALL STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION is gorgeous sitting on your counter and also ensures your new coffee maker will last for years plus it’s unbreakable. Take it on the road and make your coffee your way no matter where you roam. DOUBLE-WALL CARAFE & TWIST SHUT LID keeps coffee hot for up to 2 hours. LARGE 4-CUP CAPACITY is perfect for after-dinner coffee with friends or for serving breakfast around the campfire. NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED so you can enjoy your favorite coffee wherever you go. MAKES A GREAT GIFT, too!

Phoenix Coffee Bean Grinder with Brush, Oval Design with Stainless Steel Blade – B250 – 2.5oz (70 gm) capacity – Black

Want the Perfect Gift for the Holidays for all your coffee loving friends and relatives, want faster grinding, want to be able to grind coffee beans, spices, nuts, herbs, tea and grains? Can’t see what your grinding, Phoenix grinders can solve all those issues. Here is how we improve how you grind. Electric power- no hand grinding, Fast and efficient, no waiting. Oval Design Perfectly grinds with a pulse action button that determines degree of fineness, coffee beans, spices, nuts, herbs, tea, and grains fast and efficiently. Modern Design looks beautiful and easily fits on your counter- cord storage in the base and as a BONUS we added a brush at NO CHARGE for easy cleaning. The grinder also has rubber feet to help minimize noise. Transparent lid so you can see and get the grind you want. You Amazon shoppers have confidence in our Phoenix brand to be Quality top rated products. You are backed by a 1 year no hassle warranty. This special price may not last so add this grinder to your cart and click Buy Now. Solve your Xmas shopping gift ideas. It must last to have Value and it must have Style to earn a place in Your Home. MAKE A GOOD INVESTMENT-PREMIUM COMPOENENTS-SATISFACTION GUATENTEED. GREAT CUSTOMERS-GREAT PRODUCTS-GREAT VALUE.

Classic 6 Cup Capacity Stovetop Italian Moka Espresso Maker. Best Polished Aluminium Pot for Christmas Present or Gifts with Permanent Filter, Heat Resistant Handle & Large Water Pot. Ideal to Brew Coffee in Your Home Kitchen and Serve in Your Mug

“Ready To Wake Up To The Smell Of Fresh Coffee In The Morning? Want To Kick Start Your Days? This Is Your Best Bet, Don’t Wait & Regret It Later!”-The Most Robust Espresso Maker On Amazon, Others Don’t Compare. You deserve that wafting aroma of coffee in the morning!- Want your morning kickstart, lunch time pick up, or evening relaxing coffee to be made with ease? With this coffee pot, you’ll be completely satisfied & Ready for your consumption in minutes and madefrom strong Aluminium! This is your best value. You’ll wonder how you got along without it. -How Much Is Your Time Worth? Love This Custom Coffee Pot Or You Don’t Pay!- What are you waiting for? Don’t feel guilty about this purchase; time is moving by. If you’ve tried other products (even other coffee pots) but weren’t happy…you NEED to give ours a try! PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE BUYING A COFFEE POT ONLINE OR IN A STORE… Coffee Pots are not all the same. Don’t buy it based on price alone! Cheap Pots aren’t nearly as robust and strong as ours, won’t heat your water like ours, and won’t produce the same coffee ours will. You get what you pay for and ours is guaranteed for a reason. Simply Click “Add to Cart” to fill your morning with the aroma we all love and enjoy to kick start your morning or pick you up during the day…100% Risk Free!From the manufacturer: We cannot always accurately predict the stock of our Coffee Pots. If you see the 6 cup “In Stock” above, place your order to claim yours before they’re sold out again.

Carlisle LD500N03 Cateraide Polyethylene Insulated Beverage Server, 5 gal. Capacity, 16-3/8″ L x 9″ W x 24.20″ H, Black

The Carlisle LD500N03 Cateraide black polyethylene beverage server holds up to 5 gal. of liquid and maintains the beverage’s temperature, whether hot or cold, for an extended period of time and is NSF listed. Two ergonomic handles facilitate transport, and the convex lid and O-ring seal prevent leaks when transporting the server as well as when pressure builds as the beverage is dispensed. The lid attaches securely to the body with wide plastic latches that are mounted into steel reinforcement plates for durability. The dripless faucet uses spring action to return to the closed position when released, preventing spills.The body and lid are made of durable polyethylene that resists stains and scratches, and the thick polyurethane foam insulation preserves the beverage’s original temperature. The overall dimensions are 16-3/8 x 9 x 24.20 inches (L x W x H). (L is length, the horizontal distance from front to back; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point.)Carlisle manufactures food service equipment and supplies and sanitary maintenance tools and supplies for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. The company, founded in 1954, is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.

60-cup Coffee Urn with Chafer Fuel Container, 2.9 Gallon Capacity, Hot Beverage Dispenser with Lift-off Lid and Pull-down Lever for Spring Spigot, Stainless Steel

This coffee chafer urn holds 2.9 gallons of any hot drink, which serves about 60 guests at a party. The commercial beverage dispenser is equipped with a chafer fuel container for keeping the heating source contained while in use. The coffee chafer urn is ideally meant for use on a buffet table or during a catered event so users can serve themselves with ease. The hot beverage dispenser is constructed from stainless steel and features a beautiful mirror-like chrome finish. The lift-off lid allows for easy refilling while the side handles make the 21.5-inch-tall tower safe to pick up and reposition. This commercial coffee chafer urn has 3 legs to raise the container up off of the table, which makes service easier for guests.Dimensions: 11.8″ diam. x 21.5″hCapacity: 2.9 gallonsWeight: 10.5 lbs.

LUX ESSENTIALS French Press Set – 34 Ounce Capacity – Coffee Press and Tea Maker with Replacement Screen and Measuring Spoon! Iced Coffee Maker For Coffee or Tea

The Lux Essentials French Coffee and Tea Press is Made of High Quality Borosciliate Glass and Comes with Additional Screen and Measuring Spoon. Additional Screen may be used in Conjunction with Original Screen, for a Double Filter, or Simply Use as a Replacement Screen When Needed. Great Gift Idea for Any Coffee or Tea Lover! At Lux, We Believe that Everyday is Worth Celebrating. Customer Satisfaction is Paramount. Your Purchase Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Love It, or We Will Make it Right! May Your Cup Always Be Half Full.

Schefs Premium Tea Infuser – Light Weight Stainless Steel – Large Capacity Ball with Long Spoon Handle

Make the perfect cup of tea every time – in just three simple steps — Schefs Stainless Steel Tea Infuser makes it so easy! – Measure the perfect amount of tea every time with our specially designed infuser – Allow the water to perfectly steep your tea with our high capacity design that promotes optimal water flow and allows to you easily stir your tea – Finally remove the infuser, relax, and enjoy your perfect cup of tea – when your done our infuser is easy to clean Schefs stainless steel tea infuser was designed to make brewing a cup of tea as easy as possible Loose leaf tea expand and needs lots of room when steeping to ensure the best flavor, so we designed our infuser to be larger and to allow optimal water flow. This allows the tea to fully expand and ensures that you get the true and full flavor of your favorite loose leaf teas. Don’t waste your premium teas by cramming them into undersized infusers with poor water flow. After all – if you have picked the right tea, water temperature, and steep time- why let your infuser let you down – Use Schefs Tea Infuser to ensure the perfect cup of tea. When you order today, you’re protected by a 60 day, no-questions asked MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and world class customer service! Schefs Stainless Steel Tea Infuser also makes the perfect gift – so buy two!

GROSCHE KENT Infuser Tea mug: 400 ml 13.5 fl. oz capacity, A Glass Teapot In a Cup!

KENT Infuser Tea Mug : The Kent is a stylish way to have just one cup of tea without making a whole pot. Featuring the same great features from our other products, such as hot-and-cold safe borosilicate glass, a special heatproof glass that is also used for laboratory glassware and other high end kitchen wares. It can withstand high temperatures, such as boiling water. These are all hand made and mouth blown glass wares, as each one is made carefully by our glass blowers. Beautiful Design The Kent is also unique in that it comes with a specially fitted infuser and a lid. The Kent is a great way to infuse your tea leaves a second or even third time. The Kent is a great choice for those who want the awesome features of our glass designs and with an infuser so you won’t have to use a messy pincer spoon or wire-mesh gadget for steeping tea Features: -100% Borosilicate Glass -Glass is BPA and free of lead and other toxins -350 ml or 12 oz capacity -Sturdy design is capable and handy Warranty Please contact Rizpresso through Amazon email for ANY questions or concerns. You can also contact the Manufacturer directly or visit their website for replacement beakers or any quality or coffee making questions.

Better Chef Large Capacity 10-50-cup Coffee Maker Urn

* Stainless Steel construction for fresher tasting coffee and easier cleanup* Twist-to-lock cover* Brew basket included* Versatile makes coffee, tea, hot water even hot cocoa* Non-drip spigot * Removable cord * Rapid brew

GROSCHE MADRID Premium french Press Coffee and Tea maker, 1 liter 34 fl. oz capacity

Would you like a true premium French Press coffee maker unlike the common types everybody else seems to have? Quality you can see and feel, makes you the tastiest coffee or tea and gives a bold look and presence to your table top. Thats the MADRID French press coffee and tea maker by GROSCHE. A uniquely designed and crafted French press with fine chrome construction makes for a wonderful table top coffee and tea making experience. Commonly known as a French Press coffee maker, this style of manual coffee making has been long accepted as perhaps the best way to make full flavored coffee. By allowing the coarse ground coffee (which is the grind you should always use in a French press – finer grinds can seep through the filters) to infuser completely over a few minutes, the flavors and oils extracted in this process are unmatched. It has a dual filter system, with the main press being one, and another one in the lid as well. When You make your coffee or tea, turn the lid to close the press while your coffee or tea steeps, and turn it again to open it to pour. That will retain heat and allow for better flavor for your coffee or tea. The MADRID French press coffee and tea maker is truly a premium French press unlike any other, for a connoisseur of fine tasting coffees or teas. Replacement beakers are available from the manufacturer as well. The MADRID French press has an ultra premium chrome housing. It is dishwasher safe as well. Since it doesn’t use any electricity, and is easy to rinse and clean, requires no disposable filters, a French press coffee and tea maker like MADRID is also perfect for for taking with you on your travels, or camping as well. For more information and product images and demonstration videos please see the manufacturer’s websites.

Carlisle 609723 Stainless Steel 18-10 Aspen Beverage Urn, 3 Gallon Capacity, 23″ Height

Carlisle 18-10 stainless steel aspen beverage Urn. Wind guards screen against blow-out and protect against accidental contact with open flame. Detachable covers for easy handling and cleaning. Decorative spigot handle is threaded into welded and sealed stainless steel tube to eliminate leaks. heavy-weight beverage urns have seamless, one-piece body and double-wall covers. Urns have sturdy solid legs and welded construction. Solid brass accents have a clear protective coating that protects against tarnish. Same beautiful, clean styling as our aspen chafers in heavy 18-10 stainless with sturdy stands. Smooth glide faucet.