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Portafilter for Lavazza Espresso Point Capsules in Faema, Wega, Bfc, Brasilia, Brugnette, Futurmat, Marzocco, La Scala, San Remo, SV

Espresso Capsules for the Lavazza Espresso Point System Espresso Point Capsules also called cartridges Espresso Point Capsules allow you like E.S.E. pods to escape the mess of ground coffee by prepackaging the espresso coffee ground. The coffee has already been properly ground and tamped (packed). The capsules come individually wrapped and sealed to keep them fresh until you open them. All you do is place a single capsule into the porta filter and lock into the espresso machine group. Turn on the pump and stop at the desired level. Remove the capsule like you would remove a tea bag and you are done. Seems really simple and it is. Espresso Point Standard Originally only used by Lavazza and secured by a patent which meanwhile is expired, the espresso point capsules are used by a variety of espresso roasting companies. With other words like the E.S.E. standard the Espresso Point Standard allows the consumer to select from different brands. There is no binding into one espresso coffee company. Even if there are not a lot of consumer espresso point machines on the market, a lot of restaurants use those capsules in there classical espresso machines by using a special portafilter. We carry those portafilters for different brands of espresso machines. If you might not find the appropriate portafilter for espresso point capsules on our website, please send us an email or call us and we can see how we can help you further. Opinion Capsules are more expensive then espresso beans/ground. On the other hand, if you do not use lot, the capsules are clean, single wrapped and sealed. Each time you use a capsule it is fresh espresso coffee, compared to “old” espresso coffee sitting for days in the doser of your grinder. Furthermore, if you have a grinder/doser for the regular espresso coffee and you need a slim solution for decaf, here we go… We carry espresso point capsules from Danesi and Il Caffe Manaresi