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HONEST Tea, Brewed Organic Tea Variety Pack, 16.9 fl oz (Pack of 12)

Our delicious Honest Tea Variety Pack includes our refreshing honey green tea, our quenching half tea and half lemonade and and our pleasing peach tea. All teas are fair trade organic. Honest Tea seeks to create and promote great-tasting, truly healthy, organic beverages. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products, with sustainability and great taste for all. In addition to creating a healthy alternative beverage with a lot less sugar than most bottled drinks, Honest Tea seeks to create honest relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers and with the communities in which we do business.

Matcha Green Tea Powder – 137x Antioxidants of Brewed Green Tea, Japanese Organic Culinary Grade – 113 Grams

Matcha green tea powder made from specially harvested leaves, has been known for its healthy properties. Matcha is packed with antioxidents like Catechin (EGCG) which is 20 X stronger than Vitamin E. For maximum absorption of antioxidants add 1 teaspoon of citrus juice (lemon or lime). Health & Wellness Benefits: – Antioxidants Powerhouse – Boost Metabolism – Enhances immune system – Improves cholesterol – Excellent Substitute of Coffee – Improve skin & hair – Great for Weight Management Why choose US WHOLE FOOD ORGANIC MATCHA: – 100% Certified Organic USDA & JAS – Our Culinary grade matcha is highly suitable for variety of purposes: Latte, baking, smoothies etc. – We are dedicated to providing the best Matcha from Japan to you – Made in JAPAN, Kyoto the birthplace of Japanese tea – Produced in the same facility delivering premium Japanese Tea from the last 175 years. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee: – We are so confident that you will love our organic matcha but if your are not 100% satisfied your covered with our 60 Day no questions asked money back guarantee ENJOY RISK FREE AUTHENTIC CERTIFIED JAPANESE ORGANIC MATCHA!

Starbucks Tazo Chai Black Tea Keurig Brewed 16 K-cup

Like a drive through an exotic marketplace, this blend of black teas will fill your senses while the sweet cinnamon, spicy ginger and fragrant cardamom flirtatiously grab the steering wheel to take you in another direction.

Freshly Brewed Coffee Mini Wall Calendar 2016

Introducing a mini calendar that’s as stimulating and energizing as that first cup of morning joe. Featuring the bold designs of illustrator Mary Kate McDevitt, Freshly Brewed Coffee serves up a dozen beautifully hand-lettered images that pay tribute to the beloved beverage and the magic it works on the soul. Hang this calendar in a cubicle or in the kitchen—right next to the coffeemaker, of course. For every coffee lover, it’s a gift to wake up the senses.

EatGreenTea Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 100gm Bag – 100x More Antioxidants Than Brewed Tea – Enhances Healthy Weight Loss – Certified 100% Organic – Supports Healthy Brain Function & Metabolism

Our Matcha green tea powder allows your body to extract all the natural goodness from green tea leaves, unlike the usual brewing method. See images above. The tea contains loads of powerful anti-oxidants that help enhance natural weight loss and fights against bacteria, fungi & viruses that can cause disease. The nutritional properties of the powder absorb in the body at a slower rate than brewed tea so the energy boost you get from it will sustain you over the course of the day. It is certified 100% organic so you know it is free of heavy metals and particulates unlike non-certified organic tea. Do not just settle for some of the powerful nutritional benefits of green tea. Try our organic green tea powder in your smoothie or latte and discover all the benefits of this amazing plant. Order yours today!