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Angels’ Cup The Black Box: A Gourmet Coffee Sampler and Blind Tasting Gift Box

The black box lets you blindly sample coffees from top third-wave roasters, record tasting notes without bias, and then compare answers with the roaster. Whether you’re just getting into coffee or a seasoned coffee nerd, the black box is a fun experience. Effectively we turn coffee into a game where you try to guess the origin. The working is, step 1: buy a black box. It comes in the mail packed with delicious coffee for you to try. Step 2: you might have noticed in the photos above that each bag has a number on it. That number tells you what the coffee is without ruining the surprise. The box comes with an answer sheet you can use to find out what the coffees are and to compare tasting notes, or you can try our beautiful tasting app. Just search for angels’ cup in the app stores. Step 3: if you used the app to record your tasting notes, you’ll be able to compare answers, side-by-side, with the roaster and other members of our community.