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Traditional Arabic Vessel for Coffee, Tea or Wine – Aftaba – 12″ Tall

Traditionally this gracefully shaped vessel would be used to share cool water or spiced wine, and bears a strong resemblance to Arabic coffee pots found in Europe in the mid-1600’s. Though about the same size as the average American pitcher, jug, or wine decanter, the solid brass vessel we are offering here is correctly shaped to be used in the traditional manner, though the inside might need to be treated and sealed and rubber seals inserted against the spout to keep it from dripping, and therefore, as is, is mostly a decorative piece. This classically and simply shaped aftaba stands 12″ tall and will add an exotic touch of the Near East wherever it is placed and to whatever usage it is put. The Aftaba is the Arabic and Near Eastern equivalent to the presentation of the pineapple in American and European countries during colonial times: this exotic decanter type is used to show guests that they are important and cared about in the most opulent way possible. This decanter is hand crafted, there may be some very slight variations from the photographed item. This is not a flaw, but a mark of the individuality of your piece.