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Panax Ginseng Oolong Tea Taiwan Organic Tea (500g)

This is an invigorating blend of oolong tea and ginseng. Oolong teas are known for their orchid-like aroma and lingering sweet aftertaste. This tea has the rich, crisp taste of oolong with a stronger, pleasing aftertaste. The aroma is fragrant and the hue is golden-brown. This tea is produced by tightly compressing the tea leaves into the shape of tiny tablets. The infusion yields an amber colored beverage with a mesmerizing orchid aroma. There’s a lingering combination of sweet/tartness in the aftertaste. Welcome to World Renowned Tea amazon store for more available types of tea and tea brewing accessories!

Cape De Hoop Organic Green (Unfermented) Rooibos Tea in Loose Leaf (Pack of 2) (500g) (17.6oz)

This listing consists of 2 pouches of Organic Green (Unfermented) Rooibos Tea in loose leaf. Each pouch contains 250g of tea for a total of 500g (17.6 ounces). Rooibos tea is absolutely unique to South Africa. It is prepared from the leaves of a natural herb, Aspalathus Linearis, which flourishes in the fresh mountain air and warm South African sun of the Cedarberg region of the Cape of Good Hope. The sweet, aromatic flavour of Rooibos can be enjoyed throughout the day, especially before bedtime. A hot cup of Rooibos contains no preservatives or colourants of any kind. It also contains no caffeine. Rooibos is purified by a process of technologically advanced pasteurization. Throughout the process, the quality of the tea is rigorously monitored by laboratory testing to ensure the final product can be certified as pure Premium Quality Rooibos Tea. Rooibos has been enjoyed by generations of South Africans. Both adults and children absolutely love the sweet, refreshing taste of Rooibos, whether it is served hot or iced.

Taiwan High Mountain “Lan Gui Ren” Superior Ginseng Oolong Tea 500g

Taiwan ginseng oolong tea is liked by all people, including people who do not drink teas, because of its special sweet taste and endless aftertaste. It is made from finest oolong teas and ginseng. So it not only keeps the mellow aftertaste of oolong, but also adds the ginseng’s fragrance. Ginseng oolong tea tastes mellow and fragrant with the flavor of ginseng melting into tea Welcome to WORLD FASHION INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC amazon store for more available types of tea and tea brewing accessories!

High Mountains Organic Taiwan Milk Oolong Tea 500g

Product Description high mountains Taiwan Oolong milk Oolong tea is a pale yellow-gold when infused. Its smell is intriguing, particular and almost buttery. Its flavor is the same: a buttery, ever so slightly sweet flavor with a subtle aftertaste that coats the back of your throat and stays with you a while as you go about your business. This particular tea leaf was produced by farmers who placed in the top third in the category of Oolong. Welcome to DRAGON TEA HOUSE amazon store for more available types of tea and tea brewing accessories! I hope you have a wonderful shopping in our shop!

Menghai Old Ancient Tree Ripe Pu-erh Pu’er Tea 500g in Bulk with Leather Bucket

Pu’er tea aslo called’Pu-erh’,’puer’ tea, originate in Yunnan, is a kind of black tea in China. Its appearance pieces of thick form Suo loose, dark and moist color and luster have, flavour goes back mellowly sweetly, have unique Chen Xiang , lower the fat of blood , reduce weight , help such efficiency as digesting , warm stomach , sobering up ,etc.