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Harold Import Company Flat Bottom Multi-Purpose Food and Utility Scoop, 13.75″/350mm, Silver

HIC’s Flat Bottom Food Scoop is versatile and useful for many tasks. This commercial-quality scoop features a straight front edge to slide under items easily. The flat bottom scoops from the bottom of containers and out of corners without missing a morsel. It stays put and won’t rolling away when not in use. The deep walls scoop generous amounts all at once and keep contents in with less spillage. A must-have for home brewing supplies for scooping hops and whole grains to homebrew craft beer. It’s a great addition to pet supplies for portioning out servings of dry dog food and cat food or filling the bird feeder with cracked corn, sunflower seeds and bird seed, scoop horse feed and other pet food for chickens, goats, rabbits and alpacas. Stash a scoop in the garage with lawn care and gardening supplies for spreading grass seed and fertilizer, moving soil and mulch or decorative stone, spreading compost in the backyard garden and filling planters with potting soil. Scoop and spread rock salt, calcium chloride or ice melt on the driveway and sidewalks in the winter months and fill the summertime grill with charcoal briquettes while protecting hands from harsh chemicals. Scooping is safer than lifting and pouring from large, heavy bags. No more irritated skin or strained backs! HIC’s Flat Bottom Scoop is made from a single sheet of heavyweight anodized aluminum to resist corrosion and for uncompromised strength and durability. It has no welds or stress points and cleans easily to prevent bacteria growth. This aluminum scoop will never rust, crack or chip like a plastic scoop can. The comfort-grip handle hangs for easy storage. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.