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Cambro (250LCD186) 2-1/2 gal Camtainer®

This Camtainers beverage carrier is an one piece insulated beverage carrier that is perfect for either hot or cold beverages. It has seamless double-wall polyethylene construction with thick foam insulation. Sturdy plastic latches secure lids tightly and will never rust. drip-proof recessed spigot for easy self-serve access. Stack units on riser to fill large cups or coffee pots. Sta-stack interlocking ensures stable stacking during transport and storage. Self-adhesive beverage label set with each unit. Use to hold, transport and serve hot or cold beverages. It can serve forty five 7-ounce serving cups. Comes with 2-1/2-gallon holding capacity. Available in navy blue color. Measures 16-1/2-inch depth by 9-inch width by 18-3/8-inch height.