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Freshly Brewed Coffee Mini Wall Calendar 2016

Introducing a mini calendar that’s as stimulating and energizing as that first cup of morning joe. Featuring the bold designs of illustrator Mary Kate McDevitt, Freshly Brewed Coffee serves up a dozen beautifully hand-lettered images that pay tribute to the beloved beverage and the magic it works on the soul. Hang this calendar in a cubicle or in the kitchen—right next to the coffeemaker, of course. For every coffee lover, it’s a gift to wake up the senses.

Coffee 2016 Deluxe Wall Calendar

Dan DiPaolo hopes his art helps bring people together. The best way he knows to do that is through laughter, which is why he puts a little whimsy in everything he creates. Dan’s art inspires not only smiles, but the desire to share the good feelings that come from them as well.A different piece of coffee-related art on each of its sixteen large monthly planning pages adds a decorative touch to this perky tear-off calendar pad that’s the right size for a kitchen counter or office desk.