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Imperial White Peony Pai Mu Tan White Loose Leaf Tea – Organic (7oz / 200g)

This is the most full-bodied of our delicate white teas, and is produced from high-grade trees picked in a ratio of one white tea bud for every two unfurled leaves. Harvested in Spring from the Fujian area of China, these young buds are low in caffeine, with three times as many anti-oxidant polyphenols as either green or black teas. Offering one of the fullest and most complex flavor palates of any white tea, it has a full, woodsy aroma with light floral top notes that are unmistakable and totally unique. Our Imperial White Peony Pai Mu Tan is organic, and is a signature Chinese tea that has been popular for millennia, and considered to be synonymous with wealth and honour in its home country.

Moccona Freeze Dried Instance Coffee 200g (Classic (Medium Roast))

The Moccona story began in The Netherlands in 1753. It was in the village of Joure that Mr Egbert Douwes founded the Douwe Egberts company, a small store selling coffee, tea and tobacco. From these humble beginnings, Douwe Egberts gradually expanded throughout The Netherlands and then around Europe, becoming a coffee and tea market leader. Following this success, Douwe Egberts created the brand name “Moccona” in the early 1960’s and brought it to Australia. Originally sold in delicatessens, specialty outlets and pharmacies, Moccona stood out for its distinctive glass cylinder jar and gold plastic cup. In 1977, Moccona was successfully launched in Australian supermarkets. With its reusable glass storage jar, Moccona became synonymous with freeze dried coffee in Australia and has since been a fixture throughout Australian households. Over the following years, the classic Moccona blend has been joined by many exciting ranges, including the Gourmet Range and Inspirations. Moccona’s newest addition, the Café Classics range is quickly becoming a Moccona favourite with its assortment of frothy and creamy cappuccino and latte flavours.

Taiwan High Mountain Alishan Oolong Tea Taiwan Tea 200g

The major production area is located in the Alishan Mountain which is at the altitude of 1200~1600 meters or so, the Jiayi County, Taiwan province. The Taiwan folk alpine love song lyrics written that” the Alishan girls are as beautiful as clear water and young men as strong as the mountain”. This lyric presented directly that the Alishan area was known by its ideal landscape and it is no surprised that the Alishan produced good tea. In addition, there are distinguishing features each in the sunrise sea of clouds of the Alishan, Yushan and Meishan and they are well-known by the world. And this also reflects that the tea produced by the Alishan has certain quality and connotation. There are clouds and misty in the Alishan Mountain every morning and night, and the average sunshine is short, and thus the sweet smell incense is free of vulgarity, and it tastes mellow, sweet, and the tea soup is green transparent. It has good texture and delicious taste, with a throat rhyme, thirst quenching, and there is fragrance lingering in the teeth and cheeks, and thus the Alishan high mountain tea is praised as the highest tea. Moreover, due to the big temperature difference, the tea trees are in slow growth, and thus the tea buds and leaves are soft, the mesophyll is thick, and it is rich in pectin substance etc. And all of above features are the characteristics that the Alishan high mountain tea shows. At the altitude of 1200~1600 meters, temperature between day and night, such area is beneficial for the tea trees’ growth. The Alishan high mountain tea is the dewdrop tea which is belonging to the Taiwan famous oolong tea system and it is the speciality tea of the Alishan Mountain. Insist on soft and tender tea cyanine, 100% artificial picking and with the unique tea curing, the Alishan tea was rolled out in the appearance of emerald green hemispherical. The tea water is honey green, and when it enters mouth it shows the unique mountain tea incense and pleasant embellish.

200g Dahongpao Oolong Tea Wuyi Rock Tea Strong-flavor Red Robe Tea Chinese Tea

The Dahongpao are thousand-year-old trees, a rare treasure which originate in the northeast of Wuyi Mountain, Fujian province. It grows under the Tianxin Rock, in the Kowloon nest, the West of the Yongle Temple. There only remain four trees on the sheer cliff and the “Dahongpao tea” three characters which carved by Zhude, a famous Chinese leader. The tea trees are low fertilizer, lush growth, as old as one thousand years and they are nourished by the spring water oozing from the crevices. The Dahongpao tea tree is belonging to the bush which has semi-spread crown, intensive branches, blade tip upward inclined born, leaf nearly elliptic type, leaf apex blunt and slightly prolapsed, the leaf margin slightly to face turn, leaf color dark green sheen, the goods within a bit thick surface crisp, bud slightly strong, bright, dark green and slightly purple. Wuyi Dahongpao tea got its name due to the early spring buds germination, looking out through tree brilliant red as fire and it looks as the red robe draped tree. Characteristics: after drinking the tooth cheek keeps the fragrance, lingering for a long time, after you brew it for nine times, it still keeps the original tea osmanthus fragrans, and thus it is honored as “Wuyi Tea King”. Wuyi rock tea is produced in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, province. Wuyi Mountain is located in the southeast of Chongan, Fujian province. The Wuyi Mountain with the area of 60 kilometers which have 36 peaks and 99 famous rocks, and there are tea trees growing near each rock.

Prince of Peace Oolong Tea — 100 Tea Bags net wt. 7.04 oz (200g)

Prince of peace oolong tea description: 100% natural oolong tea is from the anxi district of Fujian, china, which is named as “the magical village of oolong tea”. Oolong is semi-fermented, combining the best qualities of black and green teas. Prince of peace oolong tea is completely hand pick, delight aromatic with a mild flavor and bright golden color. It also offers a large number of health benefits with a history of use dating back 1, 000 years. One of the active ingredients in oolong tea is polyphenol catechism, which has proven antioxidant properties. Antioxidants combat free radicals which can cause cell damage by taming free radicals, antioxidants help the body maintain its natural good health and enhance immune functions. The healthful effects of drinking green tea are numerous. Recent scientific scrutiny of green tea’s benefits has been particularly evident in researching how it lowers risks for cardiovascular disease. Disclaimer these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.