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INFUZ Tea Glass Hand Made Tea glass with Glass Infuser 360 ml (12.2 fl oz) (Black)

THE GROSCHE INFUZ TEA INFUSER The Infuz is our most modern infuser tea mug. It features a deep glass infuser, which sits on a removable silicone seal, as well as a lid to keep the heat in. The soft grip makes it comfortable to hold even with hot tea inside the glass. The deep infuser allows plenty of space for teas to steep to give their fullest flavors. The Infuz makes it easy to re-steep your tea, and the lid doubles as a trivet for the infuser when you’re ready to drink. All Glass Construction The Infuz tea mug is made from borosilicate glass, which is a special heatproof glass that is also used for laboratory glassware and other high end kitchen wares. It can withstand high temperatures, such as with boiling water. These are all handmade and mouth blown glass wares, as each one is made carefully by our glass blowers. Features -100% borosilicate glass: safe for hot liquids and flavour-neutral -Naturally BPA and lead-free -Comfort-Grip is sturdy and easy to hold -Dishwasher safe If you Like Tea, This is a Must Have! Infuz is a must have for any tea drinker, and a perfect gift for those that don’t! Any tea lover will appreciate the quality and form of the Infuz cup. It is suitable for all types of loose teas and tea bags. Infuz is also available in 5 colours. WARRANTY Please contact Rizpresso through Amazon email for ANY questions or concerns. You can also contact the Manufacturer directly or visit their website for replacement beakers or any quality or coffee making questions.