Saeco Xelsis SS Automatic Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

Saeco Xelsis SS Automatic Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

Saeco Xelsis SS Automatic Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

Trips to the coffee shop are a thing of the past when you use the Saeco Xelsis SS Automatic Espresso Machine. This automatic espresso machine is capable of making a wide range of espresso drinks and will automatically add perfectly frothed milk to your cup. The Xelsis can be programmed to recall and make six different beverages with the touch of a button and lets you choose your preferred strength and consistency.

Philips Saeco Xelsis SS Product Features
Philips Saeco Xelsis SS

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Produces Rich Crema and Aroma

Insisting on bean-to-cup quality, the Xelsis brings Italian-style espresso home. With the touch of a button, it will produce true Italian espresso, with its signature dark color, rich layer of crema, fragrant taste, and intense aroma.

An adjustable, built-in ceramic grinder, a protective coffee bean hopper, and a removable 54-ounce water tank with an Intenza water filter ensure consistent quality and clean taste. Saeco’s optional Aroma System pre-brewing cycle injects hot water into ground coffee to maximize flavor extraction.

Make Customized Coffee with Saeco Brewing System

An intuitive touch user interface allows you to easily program your espresso and milk preferences into the machine so you can prepare your drink with the press of a button. The Xelsis features Saeco Brewing System technology, which allows you customize the strength and consistency of your coffee using a simple dial.

In addition, an integrated, automatic milk carafe pours perfectly frothed milk directly into your cup. You can also froth milk manually using the hot water wand, which provides filtered hot water for other beverages.

Program up to Six Beverage Profiles for Fast Brewing

The multifunctional Xelsis can recall personalized coffee drinks for six users. This way, everyone in the family can make their preferred drink with the push of a button.

Efficient Design for Easy Cleaning

The machine’s clever design includes a bean hopper–accessible from the top of the machine–with a tight seal to keep beans fresh and a wheel base to making rotating it easy. The grounds tray and brew group can be removed from the front of the machine for cleaning. In addition, an automatic cleaning cycle keeps the milk carafe fresh between uses.

Philips Saeco machines switch off automatically one hour after use.

Warranty Information

All Philips Saeco machines are tested with coffee. Although they have been carefully cleaned there might be some coffee residue in the machine. We guarantee however that the machine is absolutely new and recommend that you read the instructions before use.

The Philips Saeco Xelsis is backed by a limited one-year warranty.

What’s in the Box

Saeco Xelsis SS Automatic Espresso Machine (stainless steel), removable water tank, milk carafe, Intenza water filter, cleaning brush, pre-ground coffee measuring scoop, brew group lubricant, descaling solution, and instructions.


Philips Saeco Xelsis SS

Front access for easy clean-up.
Philips Saeco Xelsis SS

External container automatically
froths milk into your cup.



Save Money Versus Coffee Shops

Ever wondered what you could be saving if you made your coffee at home
rather than going out for it every time?

Save Money Versus Coffee Shops



Recommended Accessories

Espresso Maintenance Kit

Saeco Espresso Maintenance Kit


Saeco Liquid Descaler

Barista Basic Kit

Saeco Barista Basic Kit

  • Create up to 6 user profiles, of 6 drinks each, customizable for each family member
  • Large external milk carafe with a built-in cappuccinatore hooks directly to the front of the machine, automatically frothing milk directly into the cup
  • Saeco Brewing System allows you to choose the strenghth and consistancy of your coffee by turning a dial
  • Ceramic disc grinder provides an even grind, allowing perfect dosing and blending, giving you more control over the density and body of your coffee; unit also has a pre-ground coffee bypass doser
  • Removable 54-ounce water tank with the Intenza water filter included

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