Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea dates back to the Tang Dynasty of China. The Chinese steamed the newly picked leaves and then formed them into a brick. The brick type produced it handy for trade with merchants. It was throughout the Song Dynasty that the leaves had been first powdered. The more tender leaves were 1st dried and then pounded into a powder. This created it far more simply stored. The powdered tea was mixed with water in a bowl just before drinking. Throughout this time, Zen Buddhists started traveling among China and Japan. In 1911, Matcha was introduced to Japan through the monk Eisai. Matcha eventually died out in China but remains popular in Japan to this day.

This green tea is produced from only the highest high quality tea buds. These buds are picked from tea shrubs that have been covered to defend them from direct sunlight. The lack of sunlight slows down the development of the tea shrub. As a outcome, the leaves are darker. This prevents amino acids from developing up in the leaves as the lack of amino acids results in a sweeter tea. As soon as the buds are picked, they are laid out below shade till they dry out. After dried, the leaves are de-veined and pounded into a powder.

The cost of Matcha is dependent upon the high quality. Top quality is based on several aspects like part of plant employed, how it was treated and how it was produced into a powder. The leaves at the prime of the shrub are significantly less created, more tender and sweeter than the far more mature leaves at the bottom of the shrub. Leaves can be either dried outside in a conventional method or inside using modern day techniques. Nonetheless, traditional drying is a lot more favored than the contemporary strategy. The grounding method is also critical. Once again, standard hand pounding is preferred more than machine grounding.

To prep Matcha for drinking a sieve is required. The powdered tea is 1st forced by way of the sieve to break it up and remove clumps. After the clumps are removed, 1/two teaspoon (1.75 grams) of tea is mixed with 2.five oz. of water (75. ml of water).

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