Golden Moon – Persian Melon White Tea – 1.3oz Tin

Golden Moon – Persian Melon White Tea – 1.3oz Tin

Golden Moon - Persian Melon White Tea - 1.3oz Tin
So what is a Persian melon? My first encounter was while I was at an Iranian Bazaar looking for carpets. After a full day of bartering, my good friend served us a meal of crusty Barbary bread and creamy goat cheese. He then served us a cup of steaming tea with a slice of Persian melon. The light, sweet flavor of the Melon was perfect for the pale infusion of the lightly smoky white tea; not too sweet and not too bitter. It was a fine end to the day, and if you are interested I did find a fantastic carpet that is in my living room today.
Golden Moon’s White Persian Melon tea is a luxurious delicacy that is light, refreshing, sweet and fruity and truly exotic; somewhere between honeydew and cantaloupe. Unlike other melon tea the flavors meld together in a sweet and gentle blend. White Persian Melon tea is very refreshing iced on those hot Summer days.

We use a large white tea leaf that is green and light brown in hue with an abundance of silver tips. This white tea base has a delicate yet complex flavor with subtle herbal notes and a hint of smokiness. The quality of the leaf is outstanding; it is robust with capacity for multiple taste rich infusions. The flavors meld together in a natural Yin/Yang way and provide an entrance to the mysteries and pleasures of the Middle East and Orient.

Drinking our White Persian Melon tea is an enjoyable experience characterized by a smoothness that is hard to describe. One is left with a tea drinking memory based upon the quality of the blend, the character of the leaf and the significant health benefits realized by drinking this tea.

Tea, like wine, is harvested and processed into the final product on the grounds of the garden or estate. The taste and quality of any tea varietal depends upon the specific growing conditions. Factors such as altitude, climate, soil, weather, and plucking season all affect the final product.
******* Ingredients:
White tea scented with sweet melon nectar

  • Highest Quality Tea Available on the Market!
  • Golden Moon tea is far superior to anything you will have previously tasted!
  • Hand picked and hand processed
  • 1.3 oz Tin – 18 Servings – .69 per cup *** 1LB Bulk – 200 Servings – .43 per cup
  • No small or broken pieces that come with the ordinary tea processing via C.T.C. (crush, tear, curl)

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