Bennoti Furia Expresso 19 Bar Pressure Machine

Bennoti Furia Expresso 19 Bar Pressure Machine

Bennoti Furia Expresso 19 Bar Pressure Machine
Bennoti USA has created a revolutionary espresso machine ( Bennoti Furia Italian Espresso Cappuccino and Coffee Machine) which combines Italian design with cutting-edge technology. This unique espresso and cappuccino maker is made to give you the perfect cup of coffee to enliven your taste buds every time. Bennoti’s innovative and patented system allows the preparation of true Italian espresso and cappuccino at any time in the comfort of your home or office with a few simple steps. The Bennoti system consists of a reliable, state-of-the-art coffee machine and a wide variety of Bennoti Capsules rich in aroma and creamy in taste. An intensely rich aroma with a creamy taste. A powerful burst of aroma and coffee, perfect for the sophisticated palette. Espresso is the most intensive drink that can be obtained through the passing of water onto a layer of ground coffee. To make the best of its tastes and aromas it is necessary to respect some basic rules. Sight: It’s the first of the senses to be involved in the appreciation of a coffee’s color and quality. A perfect cup of espresso can be recognized by its rich hazelnut-color embellished with reddish glints and clear streaks. A true espresso’s foam is homogenous and sticks onto the cup, forming a covering on top of coffee to keep in the richest and boldest aromas. To verify the quality of a creamy foam, it is sufficient to put a teaspoon of sugar onto the surface and observe the time and manner of absorption; a perfect espresso needs about 8 seconds to absorb sugar through a small conical hole. Smell: To enjoy the full aroma of your espresso, gently stir the coffee to release its most dense and aromatic perfumes. The more blended the coffee, the more inviting the aroma will be. Taste: The foam has an important role also in stimulating the sense of taste. A good aftertaste is synonymous of the blend quality.

  • 19-bar pressure, Thermoblock for faster pre-heating
  • Used-capsule container can contain 12 capsules
  • 1L removable water tank
  • Removable drip tray
  • The drip tray supports small and big cups

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