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Illy Caffe Y1.1 216621 Touch Espresso Machine, White

Overview: Experience the simplicity at home every day illy’s revolutionary capsule system and simple technology are brought together to bring you Francis Francis Y1.1, an iperEspresso machine that creates a café quality espresso in the convenience of your own home. Working exclusively with our full line of iperEspresso capsules, Francis Francis Y1.1 delivers extraordinarily smooth, full-bodied and intensely aromatic espresso topped with rich, long lasting crema. This machine is designed to create “espressos your way” with effortless operation and hassle-free cleaning. The solid aluminum body and tempered glass surface make this machine durable, as well as a beautiful addition to your home. Francis Francis Y1.1 (see larger image) Quick and Easy Francis Francis Y1.1 is designed to make quality espresso preparation both quick and easy. Simply lift the lever, insert your favorite iperEspresso capsule, use the touchpad to select your preferred volume setting (a 1 oz espresso or 2-3 oz lungo) and in under 90 seconds the coffee will brew and stop automatically, for an exceptional cup of coffee. Francis Francis Y1.1 also comes equipped with a removable 23.7 ounce water tank for easy refilling as well as an adjustable cup drip tray to accommodate almost any cup size. Unique capsule design used capsule storage mean virtually no mess or clean up. Francis Francis Y1.1 (see larger image) Insert capsule One touch simplicity See larger image Two stage extraction process(see larger image) iperEspresso Capsule System Unlike conventional one-stage systems, the iperEspresso capsule system uses a two stage extraction process to create an exceptional, full bodied espresso that bursts with rich aromas. During the first stage, water enters the capsule, saturating the coffee which allows flavors to develop and intensify. In the second stage, the coffee exits through a valve specially designed to enhance the body and aroma while also creating a velvety crema topping. Both stages occur directly inside the capsule never letting the coffee come in contact with the machine, meaning virtually no mess or clean up. Discover your favorite espresso. The illy blend The unmistakable illy blend is the result of the skillful blending of nine varieties of 100% sustainably-grown Arabica beans. These beans are carefully selected from different growing regions around the world to create a consistent, distinctive and perfectly balanced taste that is truly like no other. Monoarabica The new illy Monoarabica highlights three of the single origin Arabica coffees found in the illy signature blend. Each varietal celebrates the individual flavor, culture and style of the region. Experience how these extraordinary coffees highlight the aspects of the illy blend and offer moments of escape from the ordinary. No matter which capsule you select, you will always enjoy illy’s legendary blend; a luxurious experience that delights your senses. Each capsule contains approximately seven grams of perfectly roasted and expertly ground 100% Arabica illy coffee. Medium roast: smooth and balanced flavor with notes of caramel and chocolate Dark roast: roasted at higher temperatures for a longer time, this roast is intense, robust and full flavored with notes of deep cocoa and hints of caramel Decaffeinated roast: similar flavor and aroma as our medium roast without the caffeine Lungo: similar to our medium roast, this capsule provides you with a longer espresso to be savored in a larger cup, allowing you to enjoy more illy flavor and aroma Monoarabica Guatemala: Intense flavor balanced with the sweetness caramel, honey and chocolate Monoarabica Brazil: Intense and full flavored with notes of dark chocolate Monoarabica Ethiopia: A more delicate blend filled with tastes and aromas of flowers and fruits, such as jasmine